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Helsinki: Winter Garden

The winter garden in Helsinki is a beautiful place, which any visitor can go to (if they find it!) and have a bit of a break in. In the summer time they have a beautiful rose garden outside, and the indoor garden is open all year around. Indoors they have a lot of benches and […]

Some of the Best Free Things in Helsinki

My husband once said that he does not mind paying taxes in Finland, because here he can see where the money goes. Here are a few of the things Helsinki uses tax money on: 1. The City of Helsinki offers free meals for all children under 16 years in a number of playgrounds during the […]

Sponge Boats

Simple and next to free bath toys to make e.g. in a hotel room: All you need is sponges, straws, scissors and glue. Cut the boats and the sails into shapes, glue together, stick the mast through and set the sail. Done. On the picture you can see what me and my kids did, I […]

Families in Copenhagen – Cheap Hotel and Getting Around

Public transport in Copenhagen was good, and for families it has an extra bonus: for one paying adult two children can travel for free. Also, there are several affordable bike rental places also for  families with toddlers, as they have many bikes with a big “basket” in the front that fits two or more kids. […]

Fun for Free in Copenhagen

My Top 5: 1. Puppet Theatre in Kings Garden, every day but Mondays on 2 and 3pm. Child friendly but in my opinion fun for adults too. It is so simple and well done that you do not have to know Danish to understand the play. 2. Street artists. We happened to run into a […]

Summer Rain

We had the best of times the other day when it was pouring down! The kids got immediately naked, ran and jumped around on the yard shouting “nakupelle” (a commonly used kids word in Finnish that translates into ‘naked clown’), and then collected the water coming down the drain in buckets throwing it on themselves […]

Crochet Play Food

Heaps of left over yarns that won’t make even a sock, a bit of time on your hands, and some toddlers who like to “cook”? I found that turning old yarns into crochet play food is very convenient: you can throw them in the washing machine when they have been chewed by snotty kids, they […]

Simple Summer Favourites

There are a number of free things, I think most families do. Let ‘s list a few here anyway, just to get started: 1. Picnics in parks: pack picnic mat, snacks, maybe a Thermos with tea/coffee for parents, maybe a ball or a game of mölkky, and head to various parks or beaches for a […]

Why this blog?

A while ago I was told that a parent who does not live with their child and are short of money can have e.g. a Hoplop visit paid by the Social Services in Finland. Apparently the reason for this would be to help them bond. Now, I don’t know when and how often this happens, […]


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