Crochet Play Food

Heaps of left over yarns that won’t make even a sock, a bit of time on your hands, and some toddlers who like to “cook”?

I found that turning old yarns into crochet play food is very convenient: you can throw them in the washing machine when they have been chewed by snotty kids, they do now get broken/ break anything when they are thrown, and in my opinion they look nicer than the tacky plastic stuff.

Also, I enjoy creating things but at the same time I am lazy (well, short of time for big projects), so making these is perfect perfect for me: I get the sense of fulfillment when they get fast ready, I get to give my children something they like, and I get to relax when doing them while watching telly or sitting on a bus. I have not used any patterns, I just make them up as I crochet, but I am sure there are loads of patterns for similar (and fancier 😉 ) stuff online.

For me this has been a free and fun hobby, that allows me to use my imagination and creativity, to use up old stuff that would otherwise be thrown away, does not take up much space nor energy, can be picked up anytime, and gives me an opportunity to make something for my kids that they like.



  1. […] kitchen and washable crochet food: we invested some in a wooden play oven, mum still had some plates and cutlery from my childhood, […]

  2. Wow this is awesome!

  3. […] have added a few items to the kids play food selection from some rest yarns. They quite like making BLT’s or other more interesting combinations, […]

  4. That’s so cool! All I can crochet is a scarf or blanket… you know, square or rectangle items!

    1. I am not sure if could make an even square!

      1. LOL – then it’s good you can make food! 🙂

  5. Wow! Your crochet play food looks great! Is it possible for you to share some of the patterns? I like crocheting too, but I still need patterns, can’t make my own designs yet….

    1. Sorry, I don’t have patterns… I just make them up as I go, means a bit of trial and error as well. I am actually such a poor crocheter that I wouldn’t even know how to write a pattern!

      1. Haha, ok! But you can’t be that bad if you could make all of that cute play food… I only started crocheting around 6 months ago, and I’m already hooked;) but like I said I need patterns, diagram patterns to be precise, since I’m also still struggling with written patterns.

  6. […] sucked on them (lucky I used nontoxic paint…), and slowly they got quite yucky. I ended up crocheting play food for our kids instead, them you can throw in the washing machine when needed. But play food out of […]

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