Fun for Free in Copenhagen

My Top 5:

1. Puppet Theatre in Kings Garden, every day but Mondays on 2 and 3pm. Child friendly but in my opinion fun for adults too. It is so simple and well done that you do not have to know Danish to understand the play.

2. Street artists. We happened to run into a few great shows:

The most entertaining one was a box car race, where dads, some rather seriously, competed pushing their self-built box cars, which the sons were steering. Seems like Copenhagen is anyway making good use of the Town Hall Square, every day something seemed to happen there. Other, more traditional, street shows on Ströget every day and it appears to me, all day long.

3. Playgrounds ( I have two toddlers…). I liked the way they all seemed to have a theme. Edit: I blogged specifically about the playgrounds in Copenhagen here

4. Rainy day activity: the Royal Library.

5. Christiania. A stroll around the Freetown is a must, you never know how long this piece of alternative history will exist the way it is now. It reminds me of Peter Pan and the home of him as his friends.


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