Playgrounds in Central Copenhagen

As we have toddlers, playgrounds are an essential part of a trip. However, on this trip, we tried quite few out. Some we looked up on purpose but others we just ran into and would not pass without a bit of a play. Maybe helpful for others travelling with children? All playgrounds also had picnic tables.

ImageClosest to the Omenahotel we stayed in was the one we called the Parrot Playground (no idea of the real name). It was in the Skydebanehaven, was pretty wide spread but had a lot to offer for kids in all ages: sand box, a parrot for a climbing frame with slides, a flying fox, swings, an Indian themed corner with teepee with wooden horses and kayaks to paddle (on sand). The toilets were horrible though.

On the Nörre Farimasgade in the Örsted Park was  another big playground.


This one had one part that was like a “normal” playground with sandboxes, little huts, slides etc. Also, this one was open when we went there so there were loads of bikes and pedaling cars an other vehicles for kids to use.

 Then it had another part, that looked a bit weird but then it was fun even for adults to figure out how it all worked (on the right a long jump place, in the back a light house with ladders, moving little circles bits in the middle, a wheel that you could lie in and that went all around…). It also had a trampoline that I thought was pretty good and safe for a playground. I did like the fact that Copenhagen did not seemed to be overly concern about all safety measures, like no fences by the water etc. In my opinion it is goo for people to have to use their common sense and take their responsibility, however, this feature may be scary to some.


There was also the “Dragon Playground” in the Kings Garden (which is worth a visit anyway) by the Sölvgade. Mostly sand, but also bridges and others small but fun things for smaller kids. This playground was quite small compared to the others (no pictures of it).

In the south corner of the Fälledsparken was a relatively new playground, or that we were told, with a lot of famous roof tops. Also a pretty big and very busy playground that catered for both older and younger kids.


The traffic park, also in the Fälledsparken but further to the north and next to the Stadium, seemed to be pretty new. It offers kids an opportunity to train traffic rules, has traffic lights, pedestrian crossings etc. However, we were disappointed at not being able to borrow bikes as we thought we could. Maybe it just wasn’t open when we were there? Next to the traffic park is a small traditional playground too.

25.6 Fälledsparken with traffic park and roof top park (5) 25.6 Fälledsparken with traffic park and roof top park (10) 25.6 Fälledsparken with traffic park and roof top park (12)


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  3. You write that you stayed at Omenahotel in Copenhagen. Is it really named so there too, or is it a typo?

    1. Sorry, a typo, should have an s at the end: you’ll find it on

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