The Reputable Finnish Cardboard Box

A while ago BBC published a story on the Finnish maternity box that all expecting mothers get for free in Finland. The box is full of cloths and other useful baby stuff, and is, in my opinion, a great way of promoting health and equality. You can read more about the BBC story here:

However, the box is far more useful than just the contents of it. First the box can serve as a bed for the baby (comes with a madras). And when it is not needed as a storage box either any more, one can turn it into a toy car for kids: – free materials, fun to do it together, and then fun for a while for the kids.18.4 driving the maternity box car (1)

The madras has also been great: I cut it into different shapes, and already a 1yo had fun stamping away. My kids have also used pieces of the madras as first “paint brushes” when they haven’t had the coordination to use a proper brush yet. Thanks for the free art supplies to the Finnish Government!Image


  1. […] We’ve done similar stuff with cardboard boxes before: there has been a kiosk, a slide and a car. […]

  2. […] used a butterfly shaped cutter to make the shapes, then we used the rests of the madras from the baby box (yes, the gift of government has been of great support to our crafts sessions) to tap the colour […]

  3. […] we painted the rolls, and for that we still use bits from the maternity box that has offered us so much free material for crafts. Painting with the spongy bits of the madras […]

  4. […] are great free materials to create some temporary fun for kids. Earlier I blogged about reusing the maternity box as a toy car. But we’ve also used the huge boxes my husbands workplace sometimes receives parts in. I […]

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