Skiditfestarit – Kids Festival in Helsinki

P1000770Today we visited the Skidit festarit (Helsinki slang for kids festival) in Kallio, and that will definitively be in our calender next year too! Many of the activities were such that parents and kids could do them together and it would have been a good place to check a few places if looking for a hobby for kids.

Already before we entered the festival area at the inner yard of Kaikukatu 4, we made some good purchases at the “flee market“. As there was no fee for selling and one did not have to sign up before hand, the prices were very affordable.

The only downside of the festival was, in my opinion, the music that was far too loud. It was too loud for adults, and even more so for kids. My 1,5 yo got so frightened that we couldn’t watch the shows of Käpylehmä and Kengurumeininki. That was a shame as the shows seemed very catchy.

What we did: Our kids participated in a dance lesson with Step Up School, and my 3yo loved it. I did too, I think the instructors were extremely good at connecting with the kids. There classes are not free but I sure will consider them as teacher just because that class was so much fun for the kids! Our kids also loved the bike cross track, legos supplied by the library bus, creating their part of a city with play dough (Helsingin kuvataidekoulu), throwing tiny bean bags on a concrete wall that they got stuck on, and swinging in a hammock.

P1000772 P1000781P1000784


There would have been loads more to do, e.g. making jewellery out of beads (had to pay a little for the beads), making a tail, drawing on asphalt, painting card board to make a hut on a bike, and a circus show, but with so many impressions our toddlers were prepared for they day sleep.

There is a good blog post with loads of pictures about the festival here in Finnish

Looking for more kids festivals? Check out were a map will show you all places in Finland that organise a festival for kids.



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  5. Sounds terrific! So envious you have kids festival in Finland! I think Finland and Sweden are the best countries to stay in when you have kids. They are so pro-family and kids-friendly everywhere you go. I haven’t been to Finland but seriously would love to. We had a good holiday in Sweden and I simply love the place, love the air, love the convenience of bringing kids out. It’s not so kids-friendly over here in Singapore but we are improving lots now. Maybe I should suggest to some kids’ events organizers to have such interesting festivals back in Singapore.

    1. We’ll have another one on Sunday, hoping for good weather! I guess the great thing here for the kids festivals is that the participators have realised that coming together one day for free is a great way of advertising there services, and families get to have fun and try out different things. As for the convenience of going out with the kids here: all Nordic countries have pretty good facilities for kids but it still is less convenient to go out in the winter with all the layers of clothing one needs… 😉 Btw, as I recall, Singapore was very clean and easy to get around in? Also, people seem to be very welcoming towards children over there!

      1. You have been to Singapore?? Yes, Singapore is a very clean country and still is. We are striving to be more pro-family nowadays and even had a heated debate on allowing unfolded prams on buses. Right now, it’s all the heat on parenting and kids over here. Winter is really hard to get by, over here, we have summer whole year round, and we practically love to travel to snow-clad countries and experience the cold! Btw, I am following you and so happy to read those posts on Finland kids’ life over there!

        1. Yes, I’ve been to Singapore, once on a “proper” holiday (before kids), other times just had a short stop over when flying between the hemispheres (my husband is from New Zealand and we lived a while in Australia). On a short stop you don’t really need anything child friendly apart from nice people, good food and a good bed – something Singapore definitively offers. How did the debate end with unfolded strollers on the bus? Are they allowed now? Thanks for following, I’ve been catching up on your blog too, seems like we have similar interests! And welcome to Finland, I promise to post about the joys of the winter too when we get there 🙂

          1. Haha.. the debate is very fresh and still on-going! There are still some people who are not so receptive of understanding what mums go through when they travel on public transport. It’s exciting to know someone in the blogosphere with similar interest! I have friends from Finland too and now reading your posts, I will have more to talk with them! I do hope to visit Finland when my children grow up. Yes, Singapore has loads of good food. Most Singaporeans are friendly too. Singapore is amazing in her own ways, be sure to catch the F1 night race that is happening yearly in Singapore somewhere end of September. You’ll be able to see the beautiful night lights and scenery from TV.

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