Puppet Theatre and Tall Ships

Tall Ships have arrived in Helsinki, so that is were we headed this morning.

We started by watching a puppet theatre show for 0-3 year olds in the Sinebrychoff Park. The show was performed by Puppet Theatre Sytkyt, and the narrator was very good at getting the kids involved and excited. I definitively recommend it, he has the same show every Tall Ships event day at 10am. There are other puppet theatre shows later in the day for different age groups, which I am now attempted to take a look at too. However, the show we saw was quite dependent on the narrative in Finnish, much more so than the free puppet theatre we saw in Copenhagen, which is a bit sad considering the amount of foreigners visiting the event.

After the Puppet Theatre we went to see the main thing, the vessels. They are awesome! However, it was not so relaxing for me as one mum with two toddlers in the crowd and the narrow foot path next to the water. But it all went ok when my kids submitted to my rule that at least one of them always have to sit in the stroller. I thought we got extremely lucky when one of the really Tall Ships were just sailing to the harbour when we were there. But the ship came along with some imitated canon shooting, which scared my 1,5 yo so much that we had to leave. After that this little boy, who is crazy about boats (and aeroplanes and cars), did not want to see any boats anymore. So I’ll have to have another look at the impressive ships without the kids.

Kids & Tall Ships: Even thought the ships didn’t work out so well for the kids, I think the event has a lot to offer to them too. The Sinebrychoff Park has a lot of kids music and workshops that seemed good, we also sang along to Anna Hanski and watched some clowns jumping. The organisers even have created a quite corner for day sleeps, which I was informed about on the street. According to my kids the best part was though the free balloons Lähitapiola gave them and the lollipops that HSL gave them.

P.S. Thumbs up also for HSL, who was there to inform about the special arrangements in public transport due to the event. Image

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