Seurasaari Open Air Museum and Park

Seurasaari is a beautiful little island easy to get to for nature, walks and beaches. There is a bus (number 24 e.g. from Lasipalatsi going west) that takes you to the white bridge you walk over to the island. During the summer and some events there are cosy little cafés, and there is at least one bbq for everybody to use. Seurasaari also hosts on Open Air Museum showing the traditional Finnish way of life in buildings.

Seurasaari is a good place to go to explore the nature with kids. There are some swings around too but in my opinion Seurasaari is more about the nature. My kids loved feeding the relatively tame squirrels and small birds from their hands, and they also love the church boats (huge rowing boats that were traditionally used to get people to the churches that in lake areas were often located on islands) as in their opinion the Hattifatteners come by those boats. The ice cream kiosk in the beginning of the bridge is also an important stop.



  1. […] offers something: a place for adventure when it is dark, a busy Christmas event or the beauty of summer. It is known for the squirrels and birds tame enough for feeding but last when we went there on a […]

  2. […] burned in Ostrobothnia (west coast of Finland) to scare of witches/ evil spirits are also lit in Seurasaari on Easter Saturday (4/4). The little fire is lit 6.30pm and the big one at 7pm. Kids are welcome to […]

  3. […] idea of the free family event is to walk around the lovely outdoor and open air museum area following the scarves in the trees (knitted by Martha Association) and stop for various activities, […]

  4. […] that we never made it there last summer. There are two smaller islands reached by a bridge, Seurasaari and Tervasaari, that I like if there isn’t that much time. On Seurasaari you can easily […]

  5. […] island is also a place to feed semitame squirrels etc. Please find more about it here. If you are not a big fan of sausages, you may want to flame salmon […]

  6. […] Seurasaari Open Air Museum will cost you if you want in but looking around is free – something we like to do on this island. Suomenlinna fort grounds are also free to walk around on but there are several museums in Suomenlinna that will have separate entrance fees. […]

  7. […] Seurasaari Open Air Museum and Park ( […]

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