Crafts with Ice Cream Sticks for kids

It is tricky to do crafts with kids under the age of, say, 2 years. They want it and like it but they do not have that many skills yet, and their attention span means that whatever you do has to be done within 15-20 minutes.

Ice cream sticks give plenty of opportunities for small crafts: My 1,5 yo boy was super excited when he could do the flags in the picture all on his own (some are done by big sis, almost 3 when doing them)! It was great for his self-esteem, and it was fun to have a crafts session where there was not glue or paint everywhere. I had just cut a few diamond shapes out of coloured paper before he came, he got to choose which colours he used, put the glue in with a glue stick and then put the stick in the diamond, fold the diamond over, press and choose his bits for decorations.

We’ve done plenty with ice cream sticks, flowers, butterflies and various puppets. The sky is the limit, and the good thing is: kids can play with them for a while, and then they break and you don’t have to worry about where to save one more questionable object.

Once when big sister (then maybe 2?) got scared when watching a puppet show, we replayed the event by making puppets on ice cream sticks. This gave me an opportunity to talk about it, and it seemed to help. Now my 3 you can cut shapes herself. My husband and big sister have made together the monkey on the featured image.  Image


  1. […] Of course these puppets would be hard to make for toddlers but a with ready cut faces they could glue them on the stick, like we did flags and flowers back in the days. […]

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  4. As this post is getting hits often, I want to encourage you to link/ share what you’ve done too!

  5. Really cute! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks, hope you have fun with the ice cream sticks too!

  6. That puppet show fear thing is a useful trick. T gets scared of flying insects but pretending to be a flying insect really takes the wind out of it. I like to hear from a psychologist what goes on in their minds when that happens.

    But anyway – sticks and crafts. Yes. I’m not crafty so I need these promptings! Thanks for another great tip.

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