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Cleaning Day in Helsinki

Every now and then a Cleaning Day is organised in Helsinki and some other Finnish cities. Today was one the day – does this happen elsewhere in the world too? On this day city turns into a big fleemarket, everyone can sell either from their yards or get together on common ground to sell things they do […]

Board Games and Kids Books on Rikhardinkatu

We went a couple of weeks ago to the library on Rikhardinkatu with my daughter to have some one-on-one time, mainly because it was open on a summer Saturday and my daughter wished for us to read a lot together. I was pleasantly surprised by the selection: a fair amount of variety in kids books […]

My kind of museum: Rock Paintings from 3000 B.C.

The Astuvansalmi rock paintings are a 3km walk away from a parking area in Ristiina, Finland. It is only a tiny path that leads to them (no wheel chair access), and the place itself is not that special but these rock paintings are the largest ones found in Scandinavia. The paintings are on the rock […]

Guest post: A Surf Bums Life in Van

My brother has spent a couple of years a surf bum, so I asked him if he could give some free but fun tips on those countries. I guess the life and to do’s of a surf bum are a bit different from the “normal” tourist though, so we agreed on him giving some insight […]

Celebrating the End of the Boat and Cottage Season 2013

Venetsialaiset, the celebration of the end of the boat and cottage season, can be enjoyed at Kahvila Kampela in Vuosaari (see my post about Vuosaari here, includes pics about the café as well), Helsinki, on 31st Aug 2013 7-10pm. Programme for kids start already at 5pm. There will be live music, a fitness show, old […]

Science Games with Water for Toddlers

Easy and entertaining: Take a bucket full of water, and give kids a bunch of stones. Everyone drops a stone (or a spade full of stones…) in the water on their turn to find out when the water overflows – and then it s time to enjoy the “waterfall”. Take two buckets/ cups, fill one with […]

Vuosaari – Beaches, Play and Outdoor Activities

Vuosaari, the most eastern corner of Helsinki, is a beautiful suburb and has in my opinion a fair amount to offer for families, even though the movie Vuosaari (2011) apparently shows the suburb from quite a different point of view. It is easily reached by metro (subway) in 25 minutes from the city centre for a […]

The Must See’s of Finland

I mentioned before that I was asked about the must see’s in Finland. There is loads to see and to do in Finland but to mention THE must see’s actually was not that easy for me. Maybe it is because we do not have an Eiffel tower nor a London Bridge or maybe it is […]

Colours and Shapes – Crafts for Toddlers

Easy but fun way of making cards and art for the walls already at a young age: precut paper in various shapes and colours, take out a glue stick, and off you go. My boy was about 1 year and 3-4 months when we did something like this the first time. He quite enjoyed just […]

Field Art:”Quiet People” – Hiljainen Kansa

I was recently asked what are the must see’s in Finland -well, I’ll have to think about that one. But one piece of art that is pretty impressive – and maybe less known? – is the “Quiet People” (my translation) about 30 kms north of Suomussalmi. You drive on the empty road (Suomussalmi is a […]


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