Cheap Accommodation in Finland

Finland is not the cheapest country to travel so here are my best 4 budget tips on how to stay the night here without going bankrupt:

  1. Budget hotel has a hotel in many of the cities here. It is a budget hotel were one room offers 1-4 sleeps for the same price, and there is always a fridge, micro and electric kettle. I’ve blogged more about it here.
  2. If you go hiking in Lapland, there will be simple free huts (tunturimaja) to sleep in. They are simple, you need to have your own sleeping bags and camp kitchen, and usually they have big bunk beds, in the bigger ones even 10 people may sleep on one bed next to each other. If the hut gets full, the first ones to arrive (even if you haven’t rested yet) need to give room for the newly arrived. However, do not go hiking if you do not know the Finnish nature or weather conditions.
  3. Obviously there are hostels also, like everywhere in the world.
  4. There are plenty of lovely and tidy camp sites all around Finland but many of them are closed in the winter time.
  • Most of them have great facilities: always some sort of indoors cooking facilities (often offering some utensils and pots but I’ve always taken my own) as well as a bbq place (on real fire), opportunity to do laundry (no laundromats in Finland), playgrounds, often a kiosk, maybe a possibility to play minigolf.
  • They are often situated by a lake or by the sea, so there is often a possibility to swim, borrow a rowing boat and rent a sauna.
  • You can stay in a tent (you pay per tent and per person so 2 people in a tent is about 20e/night) or trailor and use their facilities otherwise, or you can rent a simple cabin. The cabins are often for 4 people with two bunk beds. The cheapest ones are typically about 50e/ night but then toilets and showers are in a common block. They do, however, often have a fridge. Some of the fancier camp sites have better equipped cabins as well, including own toilets, showers and kitchenettes.

Camping (12)

Camping (34)IMG_2419IMG_2417IMG_2408 Camping (24)

And then there is something called Freedom to Roam, which among others gives you the right to pitch your tent pretty much everywhere but a yard as long as you do not harm the nature or the purpose of the location. However, I would not sleep everywhere any more. The same right gives you the right to access forests, pick berries etc. You can read more about it in Wikipedia 


  1. […] sized meal and high chairs etc. It is also a safe place, and if you want to make it very cheap, the Freedom to Roam exists in Sweden too. We like the facilities of the campgrounds though, so didn’t explore the […]

  2. […] In short, to me must see’s are more about personal must do’s – and you are allowed to disagree I am no huge fan of museums in general, and I rarely take the guided tour anywhere. I just like to see and feel the atmosphere. Maybe experience something new. Lucky for me, as when I was putting this list together I realised that it even fitted pretty well the theme of not paying too much for your fun (however, getting around in Finland is another story: easy but not free. Look for my tips on cheap accommodation here ) […]

  3. Interesting loophole in the working visa laws, but it does sound like hard work to pick enough to make your way. (Obviously I’m too pampered and lazy!)

    And it’s a bunk bed? Wow…

    1. I hate the mossies so much that I rarely pick any forest berries, talk about being pampered 🙂 But I think it is great that the option is available to anyone.

  4. Just read an article somewhere about foreigners coming here just to pick berries in the forests, funny when you grow up with roaming the forests :). Diligent Thais come in crowds to make money picking berries; you don’t need a normal working visa for that, and retailers are happy to buy. Hard work to make money out of it, though.

    Happy to here some of my tips are useful though!

    PS Ten people on the lower bed, another ten on the top one. I wasn’t very specific earlier :).

  5. Ooh, a right to pick berries!

    These are good tips. I never realised such a thing as a ten-person bed even existed, and now I know where to find one.

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