Children’s Town

Every now and then we try to organise some one-on-one time with our kids, it is so nice to be able to give the full attention to one child at the time. I went with our son to the Children’s Town in the Sederholm House on Aleksanterinkatu 18, opposite the main cathedral in Helsinki, yesterday. The Sederholm House is a part of the Helsinki City Museum, and the entrance is free.

The Children’s Town invites the whole family to experience the past hands on: there are some workers huts you can go into, you can drive a horse carriage or load a boat from the 18th century. You may play with puppets on a theatre on a puppet theatre pocium and you can try fancy dresses on. Some  of the garments are from the older days but there are also outfits for lady birds and bees. There is a chance to get a feel of the school class in the 1930′s. And then there were the two favourites of mine: a room full of doll houses in various sizes ranging from a huge apartment block to smaller old style wooden houses, and an apartment from the 1970′s were “Mummo”, granny, lives. Apparently they often actually have a granny there telling stories but today she was “on holidays”. We were welcome to enjoy her apartment though, and my son put a lot of effort into feeding her dog.

I was positively surprised by how much of the museum really was hands on. There were a few exhibition shelves showing old toys and clothes, which challenged the strength of character of my son but were not a big problem due to all the other options. I was also a bit worried that my son would be too young for it but he was really excited. However, there was a fair bit for older kids as well. Further, there is a smallish toilet with a potty and a changing table and a decent sized dining room with a micro and high chairs for the visitors to use. Overall, I think the Children’s Town was well made and worth a visit!





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  4. The one on one time really helps, and it’s something we too often forget to do. I mean, sticking together is nice, too…

    Sounds like a fun place, very hands-on.

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