Saunas are just soooo relaxing, and a great thing to do together with your friends or family!

To be exact though, not all saunas are free, but as most people we have our own sauna and enjoy it! Kids are happy too, if we take a bucket and toys along into the sauna. It’s a perfect way to start a weekend, to stop to catch up on the whole week and get into a relaxing mood.

If you don’t have a sauna, your friend will have one and having somebody over for a sauna is quite normal. You can pay a few euros (8-10e/adult) to go to a public sauna or a bit less to go to a swimming hall (3-4e/ adult). Please find a listing of public saunas in Finland here. Just about all hotels have a sauna too.

You may also want to read an expat view on saunas by Red Pin Adventures here.


  1. […] everyone needs a breather, time to catch up or just to be, which may be the best fun of all: yesterday Dad left on his next work trip before the morning, […]

  2. […] without saying in Finland that both pools also have saunas included in the entrance price, and as always, they are separate for women and men. No swimsuits […]

  3. I imagine it would be so nice to sit in a sauna when it’s freezing outside…. Here in Singapore the idea of having a sauna is not too appealing:P

    1. Haha, no, I wasn’t missing a sauna in Singapore either 🙂

  4. […] Sauna. Preferably combined with a swim in a lake, even if it is frozen. If there is no lake, at the very […]

  5. Wow, you have a sauna… and you say it as if it’s not a big thing…

    1. It is really quite small 😉

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