Children’s Festival

Today I started the day by visiting a children’s festival called Lasten Festarit by the Töölö Bay and behind the Opera house in Helsinki with my family and a friend.

P1000964Compared to the last kids festival we went to, Skiditfestarit, I think this was even busier but also more commercial. The location was easier, there was more room for strollers and the stadion car park is just a walking distance away. Several busses and trams pass the festival area too. It also is only just 2 kms from the main railway station, and the walk is a lovely one by the Töölö Bay.

This festival was also free, there were kids bands performing and there were quite a few activities to try out. We even saw a fire engine. But I have to say I preferred the casual atmosphere in the last festival. I think they had more simple but inventive activities in Skiditfestarit, and also the most activities there encouraged parents and kids to do things together. This time us parents were merely watching. As soon as we tried something out, somebody was trying to sell us something. I understand that companies want to make their gain out of the whole thing but somehow I wasn’t expecting it to be so blunt (in Finland). I just like trying things out before talking price but maybe that was just me though.

Enough whinging, we had a good time anyway: the kids tried some Hungarians mini mopeds on a traffic “track”, gymnastics equipment, participated in a music session playing drums, jumped in a jumping castle, made badges (what a cool little idea to have there!)  and did some funny crafts with small colourful things looking like ear plugs. They were actually super light and made of potato. You could glue them together just by putting a bit of moist on them. 

So a good and fun little family outing but not a must-go like Skiditfestarit.

P1000953P1000957P1000950P1000951P1000961 P1000981


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