Restaurant Day in Plague Park

After going to the Children’s Festival in the morning, me and a friend went on to enjoy the selection of all the pop up restaurants on the Restaurant Day. This time I was child free – the Restaurant Day would be great for kids too but this time they were just too tired after their own festival. So we took this opportunity to try something home made and delicious that we don’t normally get, all for just a few euros.

My friend had this idea that instead of going for a meal in one place, we’d try to find interesting and small dishes, so that we’d be able to try a number of different food types. We decided to go to the so called Ruttopuisto, that is, Plague Park (btw, only for this post I found out that it is not the real name of the park as I thought. It actually is called “Old Church Park”), not so much because of the appetizing name but more because the map showed a number of different stalls there. There was already loads of people when we came and atmosphere was great between the old grave stones (the park really is an old graveyard where people were buried during the plague). There were loads of families too, and many of them seemed to combine the food tasting with visiting a rather small but still ok playground in the corner of the Plague Park.


We bought some deliciously fresh Vietnamese summer rolls, tried chili-mint meatballs with coleslaw (yammy!), had some pastries, and then we also tried some traditional Finnish Tatar food (below). That to me was exotic, even though Tatars have been living in Finland for a couple of centuries I don’t really know anything of their culture. So we tried something with some beef in some kind of deep fried bread (two different ones, we shared all portions so we could try more 😉 ) served with a gherkin, natural yogurt and some mustard sauce. I could not get my tongue around the name of the dish but it was delicious!



The next “theme day” in Helsinki, were all Helsinki typically changes, will be Siivouspäivä on Aug 31st. They advertise it with the neatest festival of the year: on the day of recycling there will be flea markets and spots where to get rid of problematic waste every where.

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  1. […] quite a few food stalls to try, and ice for the ones who want to burn off the calories ice skating. Here is a post from the last Restaurant Day I attended in August 2013 for more […]

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