Arctic Circle and Santa Claus Village

Polarcirkeln och santapark (2)

This post is to B of Journeys of the Fabulist and her son:

Here it is, Santa’s Office and the Arctic Circle drawn on the ground. There is a fair bit to see for free: if you walk the ground, you’ll see Santa’s little helpers at work, the post office with all the wish lists from kids, you can take the epic picture with one leg on both sides of the line, and if you have a playful mind there’ll be quite a few spots to have fun at. Of course there is Santa as well, both summer and winter, or that is what they claim as the last time we were there he was on a coffee break…

You’ll find the Santa Claus Village and THE place to see the arctic circle 8km north of Rovaniemi, the biggest city in Lapland.

By the Village you will also find Santa Park  (not the same thing as the Santa Claus Village) with a whole range of other activities such as husky sled rides, reindeer sleigh rides and gold panning. I haven’t been there myself, and these and the Santa Park will have the same impact on wallets that Christmas typically has.

PS when there is snow on the ground: it is free to make a snow ball and throw it as long as you don’t break anything with it. However, if you want to boost the Finnish economy by paying the Laps for the snow you use like some English tourist have (hearsay), you are welcome to do that too 🙂

Polarcirkeln och santapark (17)

Polarcirkeln och santapark (12)

Polarcirkeln och santapark (16)


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  5. Hehe – they managed to charge for the snow? Golden.

    Thanks for this! We won’t make it this Christmas, but I have now planted the seed for the next one… we’ll see how it goes! (Wish me luck.)

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