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Arctic Circle and Santa Claus Village

This post is to B of Journeys of the Fabulist and her son: Here it is, Santa’s Office and the Arctic Circle drawn on the ground. There is a fair bit to see for free: if you walk the ground, you’ll see Santa’s little helpers at work, the post office with all the wish lists […]

Reindeer Spotting in Lapland

Another free but fun activity, as long as you first get to the “far-from-everything” Lapland. Rudolp will be there, and where there is one reindeer, there will be more. Much easier than elk spotting. Cute animals! For more pictures about reindeer and beautiful Lapland I recommend you to take a look at this blog.

Restaurant Day in Plague Park

After going to the Children’s Festival in the morning, me and a friend went on to enjoy the selection of all the pop up restaurants on the Restaurant Day. This time I was child free – the Restaurant Day would be great for kids too but this time they were just too tired after their own […]

Children’s Festival

Today I started the day by visiting a children’s festival called Lasten Festarit by the Töölö Bay and behind the Opera house in Helsinki with my family and a friend. Compared to the last kids festival we went to, Skiditfestarit, I think this was even busier but also more commercial. The location was easier, there […]

Guest Post: Singapore

Journeys of the Fabulist is one of my favourite travel blogs, many practical tips shared with good sense of humor. The author, B, currently lives with her family in Singapore, and she put together this post to fit the theme of this blog as well. So if you want to know what I will be […]


Saunas are just soooo relaxing, and a great thing to do together with your friends or family! To be exact though, not all saunas are free, but as most people we have our own sauna and enjoy it! Kids are happy too, if we take a bucket and toys along into the sauna. It’s a perfect […]

Bengtskär Lighthouse and Rosala Vikings

I love the islands in the Baltic Sea, and an easy and impressive way of getting a glimpse of the archipelago is to do a day trip from Kasnäs on Kimito island (south from Salo) to the famous Bengtskär Lighthouse 25kms southwest of Hanko. Rosala is an island and the closest village 18 kms north […]

Make an Instrument

My daughter loves Angelina Ballerina, and on a Saturday morning the mice had a creative task from their teacher. According to her there is music everywhere, and therefore Angelina and her friends had to create their own instrument. One filled cans with dried beans, another one put small stones in a foot ball, a third […]

Free Garden Flowers, Animals and Tractors at Haltiala Farm

Haltiala is a farm in Helsinki that gives city people an opportunity to see how a farm works. My son loved the tractors, my daughter was interested in the animals too. Picnic may have been the highlight of this little trip though… There are also some wooden piglets and other animals kids can climb on. […]

Handprint Crafts

Art that is easy and fun to do with small children: paint your hand and make e.g. roosters or fish. Why not a butterfly using both hands or a caterpillar (many hand prints fingers down in a row) too? Makes fun cards! (I am sure I initially have been inspired by something I’ve seen but unfortunately I […]


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