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Free but Fun in Singapore

No, not me travelling, unfortunately, but I know what I will be exploring the next time I make it to the destination: Expat Dad SG has a great blog and quite a few good tips on free but fun things in Singapore. Next time I’ll visit a fire station. My kids will be thrilled. explore […]

Fiskars and Billnäs – from 17th century Ironworks to Modern Crafts and Design

I just realised that we’ve forgotten to do our annual trip to Fiskars this summer! An ironworks with the surrounded village was founded in Fiskars and another one nearby in Billnäs in the mid 17th century . Fiskars still manufactures (at least) steel items, most known for their scissors, but operates now from the former Billnäs ironworks. […]

Circus Horses in Kaisaniemi

Circus Finlandia will keep their horses outside in the Kaisaniemi park until early November (when weather permits) We went there before a show today, and were able to see a guy warm up before the show. Extremely exciting for toddlers.

Challenge: food and outfit

Kukolina asked me if I wanted to join her challenge this weekend, and I thought it could be fun to combine kids food and an outfit with free but fun. I am a bit early, but now I have it, so here we go: Our kids loved picking the apples off our neighbors tree. You […]

Wordless Wednesday: In Memory of the Summer


Spotting Australian Wildlife

Australia is a wonderful country to road trip in: campsites are great, roads straight (distances could be shorter though… ), people friendly and loads to see for free. Amazing scenery, mountains, deserts, beaches, ocean, you name it. One of the best things is, in my opinion, that you are able to spot a lot of […]

Lovely Pyysaari, Helsinki

On this sunny and breezy Autumn day we decided to finally see this outdoor area in the eastern Helsinki that we’ve heard is magnificent. And it was! To be exact, the outdoor area is on the Laajasalo mainland and Pyysaari is a tiny little island attached to the mainland with a narrow jetty jetty.  To […]

Prints with Green Leaves

Once again Skapligt enkelt had a great idea for crafts, which we had to try while there are still green leaves around. First we went for a leaf picking walk with kids and buckets. This was already quite fun, but as it is natural to talk about the plants too, one could even find an […]

Rock Church, Helsinki

The WordPress photo challenge from Lines to Patterns reminded me of the one free thing in Helsinki I should have on this blog the Temppeliaukio Church aka the Rock Church (and look at the roof to see why the challenge reminded me of the church). The pictures are a couple of years old, I don’t […]

Autumn Leaves

More fun with leaves here.


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