Celebrating End of the Summer

Officially Venetsialaiset, the end of the Boat and Cottage Season – the Night of the Ancient Lights in the archipelago – are celebrated the last Saturday of August. In the archipelago there are big fires by the water at dusk, which looks amazingly beautiful. This was the first time I celebrated the city version of the event, and we had a lot of fun!

We went to Kahvila Kampela in Vuosaari, East Helsinki, were a proper event was organised. There were troll girls helping out with the kids activities such as pony riding, face painting, old fire engines to climb into and a fire boat (on call but also on public view), balloons, some games etc for kids from 5 pm on wards. At 7 pm the event was complemented with entertainment more to the adult taste: there was music and dancing, a tango dancing show, opportunity to try SUP (I so want to try it but the water was far too cold for me) and fireworks. As well as the delicious selection of what the cafe normally offers, there were also stalls selling sausages, pop corn, and other typical market food on the yard. The event and all the programme was free but obviously you had to pay for your refreshments. I find the cafe prices pretty affordable.

Our kids were getting seriously tired by 8pm so we didn’t see the fireworks nor did we find out whether the city celebration also sends out candles to the see. Instead my daughter got a tour in a pony cart, all the kids got to pat a goat, and the boys really loved the old fire engines. Balloons and soap bubbles (the latter had to be bought for 1e) are always a hit with toddlers too, as well as sausages. We also went for a bit of a walk in the Uutela outdoor area, which gave kids a good opportunity to blow their steam of in the nature, hopping on rocks, and us adults some more relaxing time to catch up (the cafe is by the water front with a long edge with a nice drop). Oh, and my son was the first one to show his moves on the dancing area, soon accompanied by his sister.

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  1. […] The first one is on Dec 8th 1-6 pm by Cafe Kampela in Vuosaari. We truly enjoyed the the End of the Summer Celebrations there, so we are quite tempted to attend. There will be a path with diverse activities on it. […]

  2. That sounds like a great evening of fun and relaxing! Summer really is going isn’t it!?

    1. it was and it is. i really feel the summer coming to an end with work starting tomorrow!

  3. Little groovers!

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