Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden

Simple Mum was encouraging me to write about the change of going from being 3 years a stay-at-home-mum to a full time working Mum; one difference is that I really look forward to the weekends, when I get to do something special with my children. Daycare is going well, but both kids are so tired in the evenings that there is no point in even trying to do anything that requires any concentration, so no crafts and no little trips for now. I am sure it will get better. But today my husband went off to wax (?) our car, and me and the kids went to the Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden almost next to the main railway station in Helsinki.

It has been a while since I was there last, and I was a bit hesitant about what there would be to see in the autumn. But it turned out great. There are two entrances to the garden, one from Unioninkatu (on the left) and one from Kaisaniemenranta (on the right). If you use the one on Kaisaniemenranta, you get the added bonus of seeing boats as well. There was also a sign to a café but I did not check out those facilities or open hours.


wpid-20130914_094741.jpgThere were still some flowers to be seen, but also other nice plants, structures and fountains. The greenhouse in the middle is a beautiful one itself, and I am sure it would have offered even more floral beauty but we did not bother going inside and pay the entrance fee (4e? free once a month) on such a lovely sunny morning.




wpid-20130914_100324.jpgThe garden was a great place to play in for toddlers: there were loads of paths to run down on, “tunnels” made by trees and bushes to run into, and plenty of hiding places you could go to without trashing the garden. However, after some 30-45 minutes of running, hiding and searching and sniffing the flowers, kids wished to go to a small playground nearby. After a bit of play we managed to visit the Tram museum too. It was a good way to spend the morning!



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  4. Oh I miss this post! Saw a referrer on stats that direct me here 🙂 I thought I would be hearing how your weekday evenings with the kids are. It’s true that kids are tired to want to do much activities on weeknights.

    One thing good about Botanical gardens in 4 seasons country is you get to see the turning of leaves from green to orange and even in winter it looks good with leafless trees and snow clad branches.

    1. My week eves, huh? Good reminder from you to go and read other mums stories, thanks!

  5. […] of a fish pond, lovely rose gardens outside and good tables to enjoy your own packed lunch by. Kaisaniemi Botanic Gardens are so centrally located that they are easy to pop in to, loads of hide and seek places and great […]

  6. Looks beautiful! I love botanical gardens. This one reminds me of the I visited in Uppsala, Sweden.

    1. You’ve been to Uppsala? I suppose we would have similar floral arrangements… 🙂 But it was a lovely place to go to.

  7. Oh! I swore I wrote a comment here…

    Anyway, the tunnels sound like a lot of fun and I’m sure there’s no bad season to visit the gardens.

    But mostly I hope your return to work feels balanced enough!

  8. […] Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden: always free entrance to the outdoor garden. Free entrance to the greenhouses on the first Thursday of the month in the afternoon but the time varies, please check their website. […]

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