Upcycling Tea Towels

Do other people have an overload of tea towels in their cupboards? Until I read an article about upcycling them in Hemmets, most of them were unused. But my imagination started to work when I realized how easy it is to do something nice and fun with them, as they often have the same pattern on both sides but with opposite colours. I did a couple of trials with a pot holder and bread bag (I googled pics for ‘brödpåse’ for ideas), I sort of like the outcome (don’t zoom into the seems!), but the experiment made me remembered why I don’t sew more: I hate it!!! How did I ever sew evening gowns and even a prom dress before??? I think I even enjoyed it back then?! Anyway, won’t do anymore of this. But if there’s somebody with too many tea towels and an interest in sewing, I can do the designing! I have the vision for making simple but stylish table runners and decorations, cushions for chairs etc.




  1. Oh dear, what is a tea towel? What do you use with one? And you sew an evening gown before? That needs awesome skills! Would love to see it if you have photos to share 🙂

    1. Tea towel, to dry dishes or to cover newly baked bread… Is it called something else in other parts of the world?
      I don’t think the evening gowns I’ve made exist anymore, I’d have to check the storage at my mums 😉

      1. Ah, we do not use tea towels for bread here. Only saw those in bakery stores. We don’t even dry dishes this way. Just drip dry and keep the next morning. That’s interesting to know differences all over the world 🙂

        1. We don’t dry dishes with tea towels either (usually), we have drying racks built in cupboards on top of the sink (like this – I think this is a Finnish thing: https://www.flickr.com/photos/finn_lily/5764930434/) if there is a need, but usually the dish washer fortunately does the work. But my husband uses tea towels also to move hot pots around etc. There is some use every now and then 🙂

          1. We have these drying racks too! It’s common here. Dishwasher is not common for us. I think it is because we cook Asian cuisine and mostly use many big pots and woks. But now I understand how useful tea towels are, although I still wonder why it is called “tea” towel 😛

            1. I had to write it in google translator and also got “kitchen towel” and “dish towel” as hits. Maybe it depends, once again, on where in the English speaking world you are?

  2. […] Our kids did well but I think the outcome is a bit rigid (on example on the left)… Maybe the bottles have a slightly different shape? But our kids developed the idea of making patterns with dots, and wanted to press them with a brush too (on the right). Those more creative tea towels turned out pretty cheerful in my opinion. But printing on canvas with various things and shapes seems to be a fun thing for 3-4 yo children and their mum: Here we’ve used apples and here we printed with a screen. And now I have more tea towels to upcycle… […]

  3. […] Apart from loving the symbolism behind these stuffed animals, I thought it was a cool idea to reuse t-shirts make stuffed animals for kids. Too bad I realised that I really dislike sewing nowadays, when I tried to fulfill my ideas for upcycling tea towels. […]

  4. […] Apart from loving the symbolism behind these stuffed animals, I thought it was a cool idea to reuse t-shirts by making some stuffed animals for kids. Too bad I realised that I really dislike sewing nowadays, when I tried to fulfill my great ideas for upcycling tea towels. […]

  5. You are talented! I love the bread bag. I also love colorful tea towels. But I also hate to sew 😦

    1. Thanks! At least I have now found out that I am not the only one hating to sew 😉

  6. I have way too many tea towels and I think your stuff looks fab, but I hate sewing as well! I don’t have the skills for it like you do, either. So I think I’ll admire it from here and in the meantime live safe in the knowledge that I have, literally, a lifetime’s supply of rags to wipe my dishes with 🙂 .

  7. …and I just had to edit the words in the text…

  8. What a great idea! At the moment I have 2 tea towels so I need to wait until I get home…I like the bread bag idea. Please don’t take this the wrong way but I want to tell you it is sew instead of sow 🙂

    1. I had to use the translator for checking out what ‘sow’ then means – million thanks for correcting me! And please do in the future too!

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