Prints with Green Leaves

Once again Skapligt enkelt had a great idea for crafts, which we had to try while there are still green leaves around. First we went for a leaf picking walk with kids and buckets. This was already quite fun, but as it is natural to talk about the plants too, one could even find an educational angle to this. We came back with a variety, even some flowers (as the one on top of the picture).

After the walk we took a plank, put some paper on it, arranged the plants on the paper, put paper towels on top of the leaves and flowers, and then hammered away. You need to hit pretty hard, all over the plant and quite a few times to get the print on the paper. My toddlers were not able to hit hard enough, so we collaborated but a couple of years older kids would be strong enough to do it themselves. The younger one also had a hard time to understand not to move the plants before we were done hitting – maybe not the best time to try something new out on a Saturday evening either.

There was not enough concentration left to do a lot but I think the idea is great. Using ferns (on the left) and decorations it would be easy to do e.g. Christmas trees and the heart shaped leaf would be great for cards as well. We’ll see what our prints (and the rest of the leaves) turn into tomorrow!



  1. […] last days to do some prints with green leaves, this time kids did this with their aunt and on canvas. Looks really good and we are about to frame […]

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  3. I like this! They leave such artistic feel on the paper! They will make beautiful cards!

  4. Yours look great, I tried something like that once and it just looked like green blotches all over the paper…..good job!

    1. This was not the first version… But this shows some potential in the technique, so now I am already wondering whether the green would stick on canvas too? I may have to wait till next spring to have time to try it though 🙂

  5. That’s a new one to me as well! But yes, Saturday night is never the best time, is it? You could definitely turn it into a discussion about botany if you wanted to.

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