Fiskars and Billnäs – from 17th century Ironworks to Modern Crafts and Design

I just realised that we’ve forgotten to do our annual trip to Fiskars this summer! An ironworks with the surrounded village was founded in Fiskars and another one nearby in Billnäs in the mid 17th century . Fiskars still manufactures (at least) steel items, most known for their scissors, but operates now from the former Billnäs ironworks. Fiskars old and pretty works has been taken over by pretty much all kind of arts, crafts and design. It is so beautiful there! And it is free to enjoy all the buildings, the surrounding nature, and the workshops and exhibitions.

Fiskars och sommarteater på Raseborg  6.7.08 (2)Fiskars och sommarteater på Raseborg  6.7.08 (3)Fiskars och sommarteater på Raseborg  6.7.08 (4)Fiskars och sommarteater på Raseborg  6.7.08 (11)

Fiskars och sommarteater på Raseborg  6.7.08Fiskars och sommarteater på Raseborg  6.7.08 (7)While you are at it, you may also want to take a look at the medieval ruins of Raseborg fort. They are only a short drive away in Snappertuna. Next to is a lovely little red cafe and the summer theater of Raseborg (shows in Swedish, often for the whole family and worth the price!).


  1. […] Fiskars and Billnäs, 1-1,5 hours drive to the village that grew around ironworks in the 17th century and has been turned into a centre of modern crafts and design. […]

  2. We have 2 Fiskars scissors at home!

    1. Wow, pretty cool that the Fiskars scissors are such a combining thing coming from that tiny village!

  3. Every time you put up a post with a cafe in it my ears prick up a bit. Habit I suppose 😉 (History, nature, all very interesting but SITTING DOWN and drinking coffee is obviously what I’m craving.)

    1. 😀 😀 Maybe we have something in common then because I try hard not to include cafes in all posts (there are some really lovely ones in Fiskars too)…

  4. Wow! My children always have to buy Fiskars scissors for school each year.

    1. Really, Fiskars scissors? I didn’t know they were that widespred! Cool!

      1. Yes! They sell them all over here and those are the ones teachers really like.

  5. It looks beautiful, a picnic on the banks of the river would be lovely!

    1. ..and it is lovely! Only a bit more than an hours drive from Helsinki.

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