Free but Fun in Singapore

No, not me travelling, unfortunately, but I know what I will be exploring the next time I make it to the destination: Expat Dad SG has a great blog and quite a few good tips on free but fun things in Singapore. Next time I’ll

  • visit a fire station. My kids will be thrilled.
  • explore the parks. You may have noticed that we like the outdoors and picnics.
  • feed the fish. Sometimes it is the small things that are the best – especially for toddlers.
  • visit the library, if it is rainy. They may not have any events on then but they do now! But as I mentioned about Copenhagen: one of my favourite rainy day destinations when travelling is the library.

There are a few other great blogs based in Singapore: travellers will enjoy The Journeys of the Fabulist, who has earlier already contributed to the free but fun in Singapore, and parents may find Kids “R” Simple interesting.


You’ll find a country based index on my tips on free activities and inexpensive travels here  


  1. @ ATTWK: Sabah from London is in Buenos Aires at the moment. Not an exact fit for your demographic (no toddlers in tow) and she’s just recently arrived, but she might have tips and/or know who does?

  2. Haven’t seen, not haven’t missed, obviously.

    Or I could have just said “missed”. Sneaking quick comments whilst distracted…

  3. Cheers for the shout-out! I will have to collect a few more free but fun in Singapore things for you before you shoot through. It’s good to have options!

    @ Simple Mum: it’s always the way. Don’t ask me about the things I haven’t missed in Australia!

  4. Wow thank you

    Was wondering why I had a spike in readers today 🙂

    1. You deserve it 🙂 Glad people bother to click through too!

  5. Thanks for mentioning me! I love to read expats or travellers’ view of Singapore. In fact, they explore far more places than we Singaporeans do.

    1. Simple Mum, I like reading expact views of my home as well, it is pretty fun to see it through others eyes. And as you say, somebody who has moved in is quite likely to explore more. I really started to explore Finland much more since we moved here with my expat husband, and even I realised that it is funny how you abroad explore the smallest thing but often forget about that at home.

      1. That’s so true!!

  6. Do you know of any good expat bloggers in Buenos Aires? I’m planning for an upcoming trip. Thank you!

    1. Sorry, Around the World with Kids, I don’t! B gave you one tip though, which might be worth checking out.

      The closest I can get is, an interesting blog written by US expats in Ecuador. Also a bit different in the way that they are closer to their retirement age already, so not too many tips on travelling with kids. But interesting!

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