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Free Digital Services at Kohtaamispaikka

Have you ever wondered what the Kohtaamispaikka (which means “Meeting Point”) in Lasipalatsi building at Mannerheimintie 22-24 is? I have, so I took a look around, and found that it offers a wide range of opportunities for free. It is free, as it is a part of the Helsinki Libraries – but it does not […]

Baby Swimming

Did you know that most swimming halls in Helsinki has a warmer kids pool, warm enough even for babies? We only found out about that when our first born was almost a year, and we gave up on the baby swim class that cost about 60 e/month for 30 minutes a week whether you made it […]


Me and a number of colleagues and clients have had a bit of fun ever since one client installed the free pedometer app Accupedo on my phone (this is not a paid ad! ). The client has actually done wonders in changing his lifestyle to a healthy one, and he has used a pedometer to […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon in Jurmala, Latvia

A few years back we got to enjoy something a bit different in Jurmala, a little beach resort just outside of Riga (or is it part of Riga?): the snow fall was so heavy that we in minutes waded in light snow on the beach. And then we watched the waves hit the snow just below […]

A Day of My Life- Friday

My morning started with a fresh morning bike ride revealing why no tourist should come to Finland end of October or in November (at about 8 am): Even though it’s grey, dark and rainy, I really enjoy my morning pedal, first to drop off kids at daycare, and then to go to work. The air […]

Paper Cup Crafts

My daughter wanted to make bunnies, so I checked what we have, and ended up making these: The ears are made of the handle, I cut it to shape and the kids glued the pink part in them. They also glued the cotton tail, the eyes and the whiskers in place. Only afterwards it hit […]

Tali Family Trail

We explored the Tali family trail, really a nice We had a good time exploring the Tali family trail (Talin perhepolku) on a crisp Autumn morning. The track is suitable for a number of ages (prams, wheelchairs, sticks can all do it), and the whole outing was very much themed brown. As the area is designed for […]


This is what we woke up to (picture taken later. It was dark when we got up): First snow!!! The kids wanted to go out and do some tobogganing immediately, and I was like “whaaaat?! Not yet, it is only mid October!”.

Pine Cone Crafts for Toddlers

We had an early Saturday morning,  and decided to make use of the pine cones Mum brought us. A quick search gave me loads of crafts ideas that are nice but far to complicated for toddlers. So we did our own toddler friendly design that worked well in the still dark morning: First we rehearsed gluing […]


…are such a wonderful thing in life! My parents live 2 hrs drive away and still they are happy to drive to us occasionally and take care of my babies when the daycare is closed. As if it wouldn’t be enough that they entertain and care for the kids; my mum also showed me a […]


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