Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!

My morning started a bit too early, as usual. But when you get to do this with your son at 6.30, it’s not that bad:


Please don’t miss the free but fun detail of his clothes: he is really into wearing pink dresses now. They are for dancing, and V will “show moves” (thank you Angelina Ballerina).

On weekends we’ve been enjoying a cooked breakfast thanks to the kiwi side of the family.Today me and V added our Finnish twist to the breakfast: Carelian pies (Pastry made with rye flour, in the middle you see rice porridge, baked in the oven and then served with an egg and butter mix. Carelia is a region in the Eastern Finland).

Breakfast with the family and without a rush is certainly a good morning to me!

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  2. I don’t think that I really got the hang of how to eat the Carelian pies when I was visiting this summer. Do they go in the toaster? (Should they be served warm?) Good to hear that you bought them pre-made.. I’ve seen video of how to make them, and they seem time-consuming to say the least!

    1. Uuh, I would not put them in a toaster (the rice is quite sticky in the proper ones) but they do taste best warm. It’s delicious when the butter melts! However, I don’t mind them cold either, we often take them along as a snack on the go. But maybe it just isn’t a taste for you? Hope you had a good time here anyway!

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  5. […] Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning! | Free But Fun! […]

  6. Terhi NP · · Reply

    Hah 😀 No okei, missasin kyllä sen pikkuruisen Lidl-osuuden…
    Mutta who cares, ne maistuivat varmasti erinomaisilta =)

  7. Mornings without a rush are indeed very excellent mornings! Your pastry looks so interesting! Will love to try them once in my lifetime!

  8. Terhi NP · · Reply

    Wau! Täydellisiä karjalanpiirakoita! Melkein kuulen mummin taputtavan käsiään =)

    1. Haha, Terhi, luitko kommentit: Lidlin pakaste laatikosta, voideltiin sentään itse ja työnnettiin uuniin 😉

  9. Those Carelian pies look great! And your son look so happy with the trains:)

    1. Trains good, airplanes even better 🙂 Looking forward to Dusty coming here!

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  11. […] Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning! | Free But Fun! […]

  12. These look so yummy! I have to really be chilled out if I cook with the kids because they are so messy and the kitchen is my place lol!
    I also love the pink dress, Max use to wear a princess dress when he played baseball with his best friend Clare from the age of two. I love that just a pity you had to get up so early 😉

    1. Haha, bakeritalia, I thought you were so good in the kitchen that you’d have your kids slaving, sorry, assisting in the kitchen since they could stand 🙂 Happy to hear the mess does get to others too. Trying to bake with both of them at the same time is the worst (and this time I mean proper baking, not just popping premade stuff in the oven 😉 ) – and that is what they love most.
      …my husband is asking how long it took for Max to grow out of the princess dress phase?

      1. Seriously kids in the kitchen sounds like a great idea but only fir them! Lol I teach cooking classes with 10-20 kids at a time and I am shattered at the end. As for Max and dresses I think it lasted about 4-6 months and then he chose swords and guns over princess gowns so tell your hubby not to worry it us perfectly normal and great that you let him be himself 🙂

        1. wow, 10-20 kids in the kitchen requires some serious teaching, I am impressed!
          My husband doesn’t mind otherwise but he is a bit unsure of what kind of reactions other kids will have. I don’t think it’s going to be bad: all kids in his daycare group are under 3 so none of them understand gender typical behaviour anyway, and the carers are just amused in a positive way. And otherwise we are there to help to him. But he hasn’t actually forgotten about his airplanes either.

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  14. […] Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning! | Free But Fun! […]

  15. Oh you got a link to recipes?

    1. hrm, I may have to admit here that these were premade out of the freezer, we just buttered them and popped them in the oven. So much for my cooking 😉 I’ve made them from the scratch maybe twice in my life, you can get them for a few cents here in every shop and bakery so (great for a snack though! Filling, pretty healthy and tasty even on it’s own)… But a quick search led me to this blog, the recipe seems to be a traditional one: http://scandifoodie.blogspot.fi/2013/02/karelian-pies-and-winner.html

      1. Lol rumbled 🙂

  16. I admire anybody who cooks with kids. An hour ago I threw both mine out of the kitchen after getting my toe squashed under a step, my elbow shoved into a burning frypan, yolks spilt at random onto the stovetop, and a near miss involving a 2yo, a gas lighter, and an open flame. That was just trying to make a couple of eggs over easy – pastry seems beyond my patience.

    The train game looks good though! Have played that a few times.

    1. I find simple cooking with one child pretty ok: today V even got crack the eggs to the frying pan (which resulted in no sunny sides and a bit more calcium than needed, but it could have been a lot worse). But cooking with two toddlers can not be healthy for a parent, at least not for my blood preassure….

    2. But happy to hear we are not the only accident prone people if we are all in the kitchen 😉

  17. those pastries look yummy! and any time spent with family is time well spent. a good morning indeed! 🙂

    1. I agree, Pix and cards! Btw, you have some amazing pics from Vancouver in your blog. Looks like another place I’ll have to travel to one day.

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