Free Outdoor Gyms in Helsinki

Did you know there are a lot of outdoor gyms in Helsinki, which can be used for free? Here you can find a list on all those places and here a map.

I took a picture of one gym in Käpylä on my way to work this morning, and noticed that it was under construction and pretty much only having the bench for doing abs now (see first picture). You may want to try the other options instead.

I haven’t used any outdoor gyms lately but we used to every now and then visit the one at the end of Aurinkoranta beach in Vuosaari, when we were living there. It has a small playground next to it but kids loved to play with the gym equipment too. And yes, people used them in the winter too. The second picture is a bit older but gives a better idea on what typically to expect of the basic gyms that can endure the climate here.
image7.12 walk and exercise in crispy air in Hervanta (6)



  1. I was in Helsinki but i was carried away be the lakes and forests … wow .. next time I will do the other things. Thank for pointing out to me

    1. Welcome back☺

      1. Yes of course … I will let you know … in summers

  2. […] If you are interested in exercise for the whole family, you may want to check out the family friendly track with gym equipment in Tali,or just head for one of the several outdoor gyms in Helsinki. […]

  3. love outdoor gym,the outdoor fitness equipment is convenience to do gym outside

  4. […] finally got around to go to the family trail in Tali that I mentioned before. It was a nice little track for a number of ages (prams, wheelchairs, sticks can all do it), it was […]

  5. Bakeritalia, obviously, don’t know what my fingers did just then.

  6. LOL at Bakerlita and her hot chocolate! Sounds like a good option. And what ExpatDadSG says is true, too (not that we ever doubt him) – we have a little exercise thingy just down the road and the only problem is the 2yo wants to climb up on things that are not supposed to be climbed…

    Love the idea of the family trail, though – that’s a bit different.

  7. We have outdoor gyms here in Singapore but clearly we don’t have the snow and ice issues 🙂

  8. I like a good outside gym….however, I have only used them in an Australian summer! This looks much more hard core 😉

    1. I’ve seen people scrape of the snow and ice of them with a wind screen scraper, and then start their workout in the midst of heaps of snow! Unfortunately no pics… and more of an action of fun for my family in the winter time, less proper work out…

      1. See my family would stand around and watch those crazy people with their snow scrapers exercising while sipping hot chocolate lol!

        1. I’d join you in the laughs but add a bit of mint liceur in the hot chocolate for adults. Keeps you warm in the winter:)

          1. Always thought that brandy was the right addition to hot chocolate

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