This is what we woke up to (picture taken later. It was dark when we got up): First snow!!!

The kids wanted to go out and do some tobogganing immediately, and I was like “whaaaat?! Not yet, it is only mid October!”.


  1. Beautiful! I saw first snow in Stockholm 2 years back. I always think snowing creates a romantic mood. Now the next thing is to enjoy a white Christmas 🙂

    1. Hopefully we get a white Christmas too!

  2. Wow really early.we usually get the first snow around you like snow?the kids are funny 🙂 they already want outside fun with the small amount of snow 🙂

    1. Snow is lovely in moderation and not for too long 😉 I have always struggled with the grey and rainy winters in the continental Europe – funny when the most people struggle with our winters. But it is beautiful when there is snow on the ground, and it also lights up the dark season. So snow gets thumbs up from me when the it doesn’t exaggerate it’s existence (=not too much and not too long).

      1. So funny that you post about snow, and Bakeritalia posts about gelato on the same day:) It is different every year how much snow we get here in Hungary. But usually not that much, and sometimes it falls and melts real quickly. But there re times when it is pouring for days…. I perspnally don’t like snow in the city, because it makes driving (and walking for that matter) hard, and on the road it melts quickly and really soon evreything will be muddy:( But I do like snow in the mountiains! So beautiful 🙂

    2. Do you typically get a lot of snow in Hungary? Does it stay properly on the ground during the winter? What are the temperatures like typically? When we were in Budapest – the only place I so far visited in Hungary, we got a light snow fall and in bright sun shine. It was sooo beautiful!

  3. Early, for sure, but not unheard of. However, there was only like 1mm snow in the morning, not quite enough for toboggans yet, and it was gone by noon. I’m hoping for a descent winter with the proper snow coming in December and it all gone by March. But you never know, sometimes there is no real snow, and sometimes, like last spring, it never seems to go away.

  4. Hints of things to come? Heavy snow season ahead? Or will it peak low and early and never fulfil its promise?

    Hope your kids get enough tobogganing in, regardless 🙂 .

  5. Wow that seems so early!? And we are having beautiful 24 degree days here….we are so hoping for a White Christmas this year (unlike out summer Christmas)

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