A Day of My Life- Friday

My morning started with a fresh morning bike ride revealing why no tourist should come to Finland end of October or in November (at about 8 am):



Even though it’s grey, dark and rainy, I really enjoy my morning pedal, first to drop off kids at daycare, and then to go to work. The air is so fresh and I like the bit of exercise. But most of all I enjoy the quiet moment between a social work place and a toddler intense home.

I had an easy day at work and as usually on Fridays I left at 2.30pm to pick up the kids early (I have long Mondays when my hubby is at home with the kids), which is lovely. First we relaxed watching Barbapapa (and me having an energy drink and missing V-drinks. If anyone starts to import them to Finland, be sure to tell me. There you go, my one big bad habit 😉 ) When dad came home we went for a “who wants to go and scream in the tunnel where the echo is great” -walk. To keep our kids going we were also scavenging for treasures on a little path, balancing on the edge on a quiet street and amusing others by singing various tunes one has to run, hop or dance to.

What tricks do you use to get your kids for a walk?




After a short play outside we popped frozen pizzas in the oven for dinner (hey, it is Friday and there was no time to cook 😉 ). After dinner it was time for pj’s, story and a few songs and then early in to bed. Most of my blogging is nowadays done when it is my turn to put the kids to bed and I’m waiting for them to fall asleep.

Soon it will be time for our Friday night date with my husband. That means no tv or computer but time to talk. Often also a glass of something good, I got a bottle of port today, or sauna.

Do you have a tradition for Friday nights? (Swedes even have a word for this: fredagsmys)

I was inspired to document one of my ordinary days by Kerry and her Winding Road blog and by Mummy flying solo‘s efforts this week. As I explained the reasons for starting this blog, it shouldn’t all be about money. Today was a pretty ordinary and cheap but good day!

Have good weekend everybody!


  1. Swedes have a word for that! (How do you pronounce it properly?)

    You will have to become an importer of V drinks. I don’t quite believe you only have one bad habit, though – surely like most of us you have at least three? 🙂

    I do know what you mean about the quiet between social environments. Take care on those roads and bonus points to you for folding your quiet time in with a healthy habit.

    1. Haha, no, not just one bad habit but that’s the one people have fun at 😉

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