Me and a number of colleagues and clients have had a bit of fun ever since one client installed the free pedometer app Accupedo on my phone (this is not a paid ad! ). The client has actually done wonders in changing his lifestyle to a healthy one, and he has used a pedometer to encourage him to include more walking in his daily life – good on him! As for the rest of us, we have been amused by counting everything in steps.

Since I got the app I’ve learned that any day I spend with my kids (=weekends) I do easily the 10 000 steps that are said to be the limit for leading a healthy life style walking wise. But I hardly ever get even close to 10 000 the days I am working. But I don’t think the pedometer has motivated me to do any changes in my life, I think I have just been curious enough to follow the stats. But this little “game” has been fun!






  1. Good info. Lucky me I discovered your site by chance (stumbleupon).
    I have saved it for later!

    1. Glad you found it useful 🙂

  2. […] together with your children, instead of just watching your kids from the side. My not-so-exact pedometer told me I did about 3 kms and 5500 steps in 1,5 hours, so there really was no sitting around for […]

  3. Oh, now I have been checking the pedometer more closely, and adjusting the sensitivity hasn’t removed the unpreciseness: I know I walked about 4kms and it only measured 1,3. But then I hopped on a bus and it was ticking away… so much for the accuracy. But still it has been a fun toy!

  4. Ok well my results are in and it turns out it doesn’t work that well if you’re a pram-pusher! Which is obvious now. (Also doesn’t work if it’s sitting on the shelf all day.)

    I have to say though that I’ve noticed it doesn’t pick up a lot of my steps even when it is in my pocket. I counted on my way home from the station and it was way underestimating me.

    1. Have you adjusted the sensitivity for what it picks up? And the lenght of the step? Anyway, I agree with it not always being very accurate though…. and that the mobile often stays behind…. hope you had fun testing though!

      1. Oh! Ok, now I have to try adjusting some things and do it again. (Smacks own forehead.)

  5. This pedometer sounds cool! I would love to know how many steps I take/day.

    1. You should try it, Blackberry mum, and share with us!

  6. I’m the opposite, at work I think I walk all the time and at home I’m heading for the couch! Great idea, I feel like I walk A LOT here in Italy so maybe I should put it to the test!

    1. It surely sounds like you are pretty active in Italy! Tell us if you do try a pedometer!

  7. So do you keep your phone in your pocket all day? I’m actually going to download it – I’d be curious, too!

    I did once try a mechanical pedometer to see if it would help make a game out of walking around for my then-toddler, but his steps were too small to register! Not that I’m going to let him wander around with my phone even if it is more sensitive.

    1. That’s the hard part, I don’t even have pockets always and am good at leaving my phone behind anyway. But it does measure from the handbag too, that helps. And when the games is on, I have tried to carry the phone with me.

    2. Be sure to tell us about your findings then too!

  8. Have been thinking about one of those bracelets that links to your phone and measures things like exercise but it’s the sleep bit that would be most interesting.

    1. I think one interesting thing to follow up on how much of the day we actually sit! And there the difference between work and home days- or maybe between nonparents and parents with babies/ toddlers! I may be a bit to afraid to find out about the sleep 😉

      1. I’m guessing that you have to have your phone in your pocket the whole time which I don’t at home

  9. Sounds interesting! I am sure my steps at home with the kids will easily surpass being at work.

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