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Rest Yarns and Happy Toddlers

Toddler socks and mittens do not require a lot of yarn, so I like to use up the rests to keep my kids warm. The pictures on them are an added bonus, and making them started off as a joke: I once stitched a kitten on my daughters mitten and she became so happy that […]

Free Outdoor Gyms in Helsinki

Did you know there are a lot of outdoor gyms in Helsinki, which can be used for free? Here you can find a list on all those places and here a map. I took a picture of one gym in Käpylä on my way to work this morning, and noticed that it was under construction […]

Party, Party! – Time, Decorations and Gifts

This weekend is full on party as we are celebrating my son turning two. Today my family and the godmothers were invited and tomorrow the house will be full of toddlers. Fun and exhausting. But I’m not sure which I enjoy more: the party or the preparations. Before we had kids, we decided, that we […]

Family Holiday in Nice

My colleague who will be going to Nice for a holiday soon, asked me about the place. I was there a couple of years ago, just after Krakow and Prague. That time we travelled with our almost 1 year old daughter, and with friends with an almost 2 year old daughter. We rented an apartment, […]

Toddlers Painting the Fence

A good way to occupy toddlers for a while: hand them street chalks, and tell them Mum and Dad really need their fence painted – or decorated for the next guests… Unless supervised, you may end up having it on the nearby trees and walls as well. But luckily the next rain will fix that. (these […]

Volunteering – Greece, Ghana and your community

When Bakeritalia published her post about how she needs a purpose to be in Italy, when her husband goes to work and kids to school, I felt I really need to get my planned post about volunteering done. And then B touched the theme too, more from an environmentally responsible perspective, and I finally figured out […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!

My morning started a bit too early, as usual. But when you get to do this with your son at 6.30, it’s not that bad: Please don’t miss the free but fun detail of his clothes: he is really into wearing pink dresses now. They are for dancing, and V will “show moves” (thank you […]

Right now: Relaxing

A few minutes for myself between work and Pilates, fresh air and bike ride, sun shine and warmth, snack outside without a jacket. That is what I call enjoyable and relaxing. Check for more moments right now here.

Post Cards for Toddlers

My kids love their folders with all the cards they receive. From time to time they look at them, remember who sent/ gave them (which is important when half of your family lives in other countries), and it also gives an incentive to talk about other cultures, customs and countries. When a friend has sent […]


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