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Let there be Light

Graveyards can be beautiful at Christmas as most people pay their respects to their loved ones by bringing candles to their graves. Christmas Eve in Pargas, 2009. The picture is published as a part of the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge Let there be Light. Please find more entries for the challenge here.

The Peaceful War Game

What are you thinking of when you hear a 3 yo say kids are playing the war game? I am *not* thinking of this: When I saw it, 2min before having to leave, I didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry; this was creative, a joint effort of 3minutes, and there was no killing. […]

The Poor, the Rich and Christmas

There has been a couple of heart breaking stories circulating in Facebook lately: One in Swedish, where a little boy tells how he wears worn out clothes, has to be “sick” when there are school trips every second week where he would have to take some food to take along and there just is no […]

3x Christmas Path in Helsinki

The Christmas paths offer free but fun ways for families to get into the Christmas spirit in beautiful settings: 1. There is one starting by Cafe Kampela in Vuosaari. There will be a path with diverse activities on it; face painting, pony riding, dogs doing agility (or how do you say that in English?), elfs, […]

Glove Helicopter

The most simple things amuse toddlers: my 3 yo wanted me to blow a disposable glove, I did that and tied a couple of knots and voilà, a helicopter that entertained the 2 yo for a looong time. Another simple idea to create something to do e.g. on a rainy day in a hotel without […]

Sofa Date

It is Friday, and I am looking forward to 9 pm. That is when we’ll have a date with my husband on the living room sofa. Like we have been about twice a week for the last 1,5 years. The date is not always on the sofa; we may have a sauna or enjoy the balcony/ […]

My Body

…I decide! is a free exhibition worth taking a look at downstairs by the metros (underground) in Kaisaniemi. It will not be fun but it will make you think. There will also be a phone number that all women abused in there homes should know. The exhibition is organised by Naisten linja (“women’s line”), and […]

Ice Skating in Helsinki

The ice skating season is about to start: the Ice Park next to the main railway station will open on November 23rd (if weather permits, plus degrees are ok but if it rains heaps, they may postpone the date). The Ice Park is not free but the entrance fee allows you to participate in ice […]

Paper Bead Bracelets

A friends got two Hello kitty bracelet kits, and gave us one. It says it is for kids 7 years and above, and my 3 yo did need a lot of assistance but it was a fun thing to do together. We got the gadgets to play with and roll the paper straps with, and […]

Sustainable and Fun Christmas Calendars

Annika on the Swedish blog En köpfri dag (A day without shopping) has a fun idea for Christmas calendars: instead of giving tiny often disposable gifts every day, the kids get every day a task, something nice to do. She suggests kids could e.g. choose a toy they donate to a children’s hospital, choose a person […]


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