Cutting Simple Snowflakes with Toddlers

Both our kids are into training their  cutting skills at the moment. Making simple snow flakes is not an original idea but easy and quick enough for a Friday afternoon. I haven’t used scissors with them for a while so I was positively surprised to see our 3 yo do her own designs after my hubby told her to first draw where she wanted to cut. Our 2 yo did also well cutting as long as one of us showed him always where to cut. A good start to the weekend!


  1. […] the Chinese New Year a lady cut lovely snow flakes out of napkins, which got my daughter into cutting snowflakes again. After a while she requested coloured paper as she decided to make “spring […]

  2. So sweet idea!

    1. Thanks – It’s here a very common thing to do but that doesn’t mean it is not a goo one 🙂

  3. My 4 yo daughter and I also like to do this activity, but I’m still not comfortable with the idea of letting my 2 yo son hold a pair of scissors….

    1. I think it is individual when kids (and Mums) are ready for scissors. We have kids scissors (small and the end is dull), and our son is also not allowed to cut without an adult sitting next to him all the time. But I believe in letting kids try when they show interest, if it is possible, and I think in many things his interest has come relatively early as his big sister is not much older.

  4. This used to be our favourite activity with Grandma. I should try it again.

  5. Love that! I still like to cut out snowflakes, I may force my very teenage son to sit down with me soon!

    1. Love that, go mom and son!

  6. An oldie but a goodie 🙂

    1. Exactly. Sometimes old ones are perfect.

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