Make a Card for Dad in a Name it Shop

Have you forgotten it is Father’s Day on Sunday here? Time to go to Name it (children’s wear, you know? e.g. 3rd Floor both in Kamppi and Forum), as apparently they offer materials to make Father’s Day cards Nov 8-9th. I’d be interesting to see what materials they have on the offer but won’t make it – we’ve already done our cards and pressies anyway  – but if you go, please let me know how it was!

I like this kind of an ad campaign!

How do you celebrate Fathers Day?

PS Isn’t it funny, that Mother’s Day is pretty much all over the world the same day but Father’s Day varies from country to country? This has in our family led to a) my husband not having a single Fathers Day in a year b) having at the most 3 Father’s Days a year due to travels. This is equality in our family 😉


  1. This is nice of Name it to offer such thing. Blackberry #1 had a jacket from there and we loved it, and Blackberry #2 got 3 onesies from there as a present. Here in Hungary they don’t have Father’s day at all 😦

    1. Really, no father’s day? Again I learned something. Lucky everybody can celebrate their dads even without an official day for it! We had a good family day with a sleep in for dad, brunch in a restaurant, playground, games and making Christmas cards together.

  2. I always get it wrong and my poor dad gets belated cards when we are o/s. The boys always want to make their dad breakfast on Father’s Day

    1. Making -and getting – breakfast is always lovely!

  3. Just went to check and ours was back in June, no card for me his Sunday 😦

  4. Yeah, it’s kind of weird and confusing (that’s with only two fathers’ days!). Can’t imagine going from three to none! Too funny.

  5. I didn’t know that either! But I love places that offer up the time and materials for kids to make cards and gifts! 🙂

  6. I didn’t know that about Father’s Day!

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