Embracing the Darkness

Many find the dark time of the year depressing. I am certainly also less inclined to get going in the evenings, when it’s getting dark at 4-5pm. But the right approach is to embrace it, and nothing beats the bbq atmosphere you get when grilling sausages on real fire, in the crisp air of a dark Autumn evening (afternoon) with your family.




We went to the fire place on the festivity area (juhlakenttä) on Seurasaari/ Fölisön. There is wood and paper for everybody to use, however, it is a popular place so sometimes they run out of wood. One should take matches or a lighter along, though. Obviously all users are also responsible for the fire and to see to it that it dies out before leaving it unattended.

The walk to the festivity area on this small island is nice. First you walk over the white bridge, and then you just need to follow the biggest path and street lights. The walk is aligned by the old buildings that are apart of the open air museum on the islands.

The island is also a place to feed semitame squirrels etc. Please find more about it here. If you are not a big fan of sausages, you may want to flame salmon instead.


  1. […] of the places we regularly go to in Helsinki, it always offers something: a place for adventure when it is dark, a busy Christmas event or the beauty of summer. It is known for the squirrels and birds […]

  2. […] it pretty well. We even had a great get together with my old study mates in Seurasaari doing that (yes, the same old place we’ve been to in the midst of the dark of Autumn too. Repetition). it is pretty amazing: 18 years ago there was 5 of us starting our studies at the […]

  3. […] few barbecue sessions. Nothing like hoovering by the fire and catching up with friends. Almost like this but with some snow […]

  4. […] spend a whole day too, there are squirrels to spot and feed, an open air museum, plenty of nature, bbq places, summer cafes etc. Tervasaari on the other hand is a tiny island by Kruununhaka, so very […]

  5. […] The third one is a week later on Dec 15th 1-5pm in Seurasaari, where we enjoyed a bbq in the darkness. Sounds like fun […]

  6. I also have a hard time when it gets dark so early. I loved it when we were in Paris this summer and it didn’t get dark until 1130 at night! It was fantastic!
    Your evening looks like it was fun and cozy. Thanks for sharing about it!

    1. Thanks! My husband seems to share your feelings: The first summer we spent in Finland my husband went out at 3am to take pictures without a flash, just because he could.

      1. That would be amazing! I may have to visit Finland, well, when it doesn’t get dark until the wee hours of the morning. 🙂

        1. Welcome! (And I’d definitely recommend another time of the year to visit than November! 😉 )

  7. It’s great that the wood is provided and you only need to bring a lighter or matches along. With each post I read I am becoming more interested in visiting Finland. Thank you for sharing so many wonderful things about it.

    1. Be sure to let me know if/when you are coming over, and I’ll show you around 🙂 PS Pretty good flight connections from Europe via Helsinki to Asia… Thanks for the kind words!

      1. 🙂 I *almost flew through Finland once, maybe I will make a point of it next time!

  8. BBQ in the cold is such a warm welcome! I love cold weather!

    1. Welcome to join us, Christy!

  9. Getting into it in all seasons! Wouldn’t expect anything less of you 🙂 . Me, I can get a little down if it’s dark too much. A BBQ would certainly help, though!

  10. I was going to ask the same thing, that is it not cold? But looks great, and so nice that they provide wood. I also hate it that it is now totally dark at 5 pm:( I am so depressed about it….

    1. Cold is relative 😉 it is quite a warm November so far, about 8 degrees during the day. But as the barby was on an island there was a cold bite to the wind. But not too bad when you have the clothes. When the snow comes it will be lighter again!

  11. Loos vmd but fun 🙂

    1. Looks cold but fun

      1. I bet it does when you compare to Singapore!

  12. Wow! That’s so cool! What a great way to spend an evening!

    1. It was fun! For all ages.

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