Free Things to Do in Melbourne, Australia

I haven’t spent that much time in Melbourne to have anything to add to this great list of free but fun things to do in Melbourne that Citramanica has put together. But it is a lovely city, I am always amazed by how tidy the city centre is. A great place to just walk and look around in, lovely parks with barbecue places. Also, it is the place where I got introduced to lawn balls. But as I seem to regularly have readers from Australia, maybe one of you have some good tips to share?

My best memory of a free but fun thing there was to watch the Grand Prix from the roof top on our friends house. Drinks, seats, a screen to be read from and not as loud as on the area. Better than inside, in my opinion. But of course, to do this, you’ll have to know the right people at the right time of the year. To be as relaxing as it was, this was before having kids!

Grand Pix_Melb (12)


Yay! We are going to Australia later on this month! Melbourne for 2 weeks, and Canberra for 2 days. My husband and I met while studying at Melbourne Uni in 2004, and I’ve only gone back there once in 2007 after I graduated in early 2006, so you can imagine how excited I am at the moment. Yay again!

My husband has been going back to Melbourne regularly for work, and this time is no exception. It means, for 2 weeks, during the weekdays it will be mostly Mamae and the kids exploring the city.

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  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Darn shame about that rooftop, so sad to see it go 😦

    1. Your “hotel room” had it’s advantages!

  2. Tram rides! Of course! City circle tram… free and so much fun:)

  3. Hm. I don’t have many Melbourne tips. Without kids my main plan is usually eating wandering and looking at galleries. With kids it was riding trams – but we ended up with tickets to Tasmania instead.

    If citramania (hi Citramanica!) wants tips Where’s Sharon? Had a recent post on Melbourne and Bubs On The Move is about to move there. I’ll have to look those up and pop over.

    1. Haha, tickets to Tasmania instead of tram… may not fall in the category of ‘free’ but definitely ‘fun’!!!! Tram rides are always good fun for toddlers though.

  4. Thanks for reblogging my post, hope to get some tips from your readers…. Watching the Grand Prix from someone’s rooftop should have been amazing!

    1. No worries, this such a good post! Can’t wait till you’ve been there a d blog about it!

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