Salt Dough Play Food

I am not a big fan of the plastic play food that is to be bought everywhere, and the wooden ones are unnecessary expensive, so instead we made some out of salt dough. I think they turned out looking quite good! I made the play food a loooong time ago, and at the time our kids where too young to be able to play properly with the dough. I thought of this now when I saw Izabel‘s great idea for making simple Christmas decorations out of the salt dough. She even published the recipe. Even toddlers will be able to do her idea, so we’ ll have to try it. Anyway, I think salt dough (in Finnish taikataikina) is a fantastic material for kids!


As for the salt dough play food: they were not the most hygienic toys as all small toddlers actually sucked on them (lucky I used nontoxic paint…), and slowly they got quite yucky. I ended up crocheting play food for our kids instead, them you can throw in the washing machine when needed. But play food out of the salt dough would properly work now with bigger kids that have grown out of their oral phase. (The lady birds and bees in the picture are painted stones that just happened to be on the same tray)

Edit 7.12.2013: We found later, that something that makes it easier to use salt dough is to put oil on your hands and on a rolling pin (if you use one). Please find more about it here.


  1. I like the stones and will be looking out for candidates 🙂

    1. Good that you found something for you in the post as well 😀 !!!

  2. That is a really good idea! I think my two year old is still in the chewing phase (2 year molars are the worst!), but I am totally going to try this anyways and hope for the best. 🙂

  3. easycraftsforchildren · · Reply

    Thank you for mentioning my name.They look great !!

  4. Love it – that’s an excellent solution!

  5. They look really good!

    I don’t like the plastic ones, either. We got a few wooden ones “from Santa” a few years back but you’re right about the expense so it’s a small collection! We also have a couple of crocheted thingies – they’re good, but not my skill set (gifts also).

    I’m pretty impressed with the play dough version and very simple to make, although good point about the age range as regards sucking.

  6. They look fantastic! But where are the knitted fruit? So creative 🙂

    1. Thanks! Parts of the food are knitted but I think crocheting works better.

    2. Hold on, do you mean the link to the crocheted ones doesn’t work? Will check it.

  7. They look really good indeed….

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