Paper Cup Crafts: Father and Lady Christmas

imageA bit different than the cute bunnies we made earlier out of paper cups but this time the crafts session was spontaneously initiated by the kids. They wanted to make elfs, so I obeyed orders, dug the closet for materials and then we used what I found quickly. I actually think it is pretty cool that my 3yo can already say what she wants to do, and how! (Obviously I suggested a few things in the process).

We painted the cups first, then glued the heads on, the hair and beard is wool and the hats are old birthday trumpets (which I was happy to use up…), the apron is cut out of the rests of a quilt fabric, and the kids have drawn the eyes an mouths on. Just before miss A said we need to add hands too, we’ll see.

I am not surprised my kids wanted to do something christmassy already as half of our family is on the other side of the world and we have been getting their Christmas gifts ready to be sent recently. But is it too early for Christmas crafts?


  1. […] Paper cup Father and Lady Christmas […]

  2. No, no, never too early for Christmas crafts! 😉 Co-incidentally, we did our first Christmas craft yesterday.

    It is wonderful that your daughter is able to say what she wants to make and how. She did a great job with these Christmas figures.

    1. Haha, thanks for the encouragement and good to hear we are not the only ones that are this early on!

  3. Never too early 🙂
    We are thinking of putting up our x-mass tree as we are away over x-mass so it would hardly be up before we left

    1. have fun with decorating the tree. Btw, what kind of a tree is the real Christmas tree for you? The eternal fight in our family is spruce or pine 🙂

      1. I have no idea, we have a fake one 🙂
        Real ones should have needles that’s all I know…..

  4. Never too early! You want to be able to enjoy the crafts – and the holiday spirit – as long as you can! That’s a great craft!

    1. Thanks, you are a true Christmas person!

  5. Father and Lady Christmas look great! 🙂 For me it is too early for Christmas yet, but some people in the US already put up their Christmas trees by this time, so for some it is not early 🙂

    1. Thanks, I’ll relay your comment to the real artists 🙂

  6. Too early? It depends who you ask. The malls don’t seem to think so…

    Love these guys! Lady Christmas sounds much posher than Mrs Clause 🙂 .

    1. Haha, mrs Clause 😀
      I didn’t know what to call mrs in English but then I overheard miss A explain what we did to her dad, and thought that her “lady Christmas” was perfect!

  7. I love these people! I never do Christmas stuff until after my birthday otherwise the year feels like it flys to fast….I’m a December baby!

    1. I hear you! For me it is the other way around: born early January everybody is quite tired of party, even me. Lucky we even got married between Christmas and New Year….

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