Paper Bead Bracelets

A friends got two Hello kitty bracelet kits, and gave us one. It says it is for kids 7 years and above, and my 3 yo did need a lot of assistance but it was a fun thing to do together. We got the gadgets to play with and roll the paper straps with, and my daughter loved it, but I think the core idea is simple and usable even without the kit and it’s equipment.

wpid-20131116_150045.jpgwpid-20131116_150031.jpgYou will need colourful paper (why not just cut some old magazines?), scissors, a bit of glue and string. Cut the paper into long thing straps and role them in, put  a little glue at the end to keep them together and then thread them on the string. Easy! Could even be added to the list of crafts that could easily be done in a hotel room.



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  2. The gadgets look cool, but how true that you can just as easily use paper and thread to make your own colourful bracelets. A great, fun craft idea.

  3. Very cool, I’m sad I don’t know any little girls I could do this with!

    1. one day there might be some granddaughters around 😉

  4. Love this bracelet! Gotta try it out with my girl!

    1. Christy, when you do, please let us know how the idea worked we your daughter as she is the age the craft was intended to!

  5. Oh – that could be fun and easy to do without the kit! What a great craft for kids!

    1. I thought it was pretty genius too, so simple, and who doesn’t have some colourful magazines lying around?!

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