Ice Skating in Helsinki

The ice skating season is about to start: the Ice Park next to the main railway station will open on November 23rd (if weather permits, plus degrees are ok but if it rains heaps, they may postpone the date). The Ice Park is not free but the entrance fee allows you to participate in ice skating lessons and games as well as hockey lessons. You can also rent skates there. The cafe offers programme such as the family trivia and the acoustic music club.

Since I don’t seem to have an pics from the Ice park (which sounds fancier than it is. It is simply the most central place to go ice skating in quite a small rink. But the cafe is great), you’ll get one from another place with rental skates in Kallio and one from the great big rink from Oulunkylä (with poor open hours for those not in a team).

18.1 iceskating w Heli and Nathan071109 Start of iceskating season

Later on, when the day temperatures are consistently on the minus, there’ll be a place to ice skate in pretty much every suburb. They typically don’t have changing rooms or cafes but the ice is decently maintained, and they are free of charge. Also, if the Baltic freezes, there are a couple of longer tracks made, one outside of Munkkiniemi and one by Rastila.

Ice skating on the sea in Munkkiniemenranta (6)

The last couple of years we haven’t been ice skating much, it felt too much of a hassle between day sleeps and crawls. But as my daughter got to try her new skates at the end of last winter, I am looking forward to seeing how she does this year! Lucky we can always resort to the toboggan, if the skates are still too difficult.

16.2 Ice skating for the first time. Niinku Tuutikki (1)

Edit Nov 21st:
I passed the place where they are building the Ice Park today. It was pouring down, like it has been for most of the time for the last three days. Can you see what they are doing? ICE!!! They are making ice in heavy rain! How in the world will that work out?! (Expensive?)
For the ones thinking I’m out late, I’m not. This is tge reason why it is a bad idea to come to Finland in November: 4pm and dark.image



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  4. Is the weather better? I hope you get to go. We have an ice-skating ring here in the city. I used to go alot in my teens, but haven’t been for ages. I tried to take Blackberry #1 when he was 4, for lessons, but he wouldn’t even go on the ice 😦 He was not interested, and so far has not shown interest either 😦

    1. I updated the post with a couple of more pics for your benefit 😉

  5. We went ice skating for the first time the other week (must write about that!) but only took the eldest because we weren’t sure if the youngest would be ok at 2.5yo. I’m interested to hear what age you start your guys off. Seems quite young?

    1. The ice skating schools usually start at 4. I thought little missy was too young last winter but she wanted and her godmother is an ex-figure skater and has also for years been coaching kids, she new how to create a fun experience! We’ll see how it goes this year!

      1. Aha! So you’re a bit earlier than average even to you! Sounds like you’ve got a keen learner and a good teacher up your sleeve – a perfect combination.

  6. I hope the weather works out and you guys get to go!

    1. doesn’t look too good. Yet…

    2. Kate, it is still raining but as I passed the place, I saw that they are making ice anyway! I added some pics to proove it but also agreed to a swim date on Saturday 🙂 Ice skating in rain is too bizarre!!!

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  8. journey2dfuture · · Reply

    Hey that looks great !

    1. It would be, looking forward to it, but at the moment it is pouring down…

      1. journey2dfuture · · Reply

        Oh noooo. Still plenty of time for the minus number. I hope it’s not to cold this winter. Poland can’t get hit quite hard.

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