The Peaceful War Game

What are you thinking of when you hear a 3 yo say kids are playing the war game? I am *not* thinking of this:


When I saw it, 2min before having to leave, I didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry; this was creative, a joint effort of 3minutes, and there was no killing. But there was also not more than two dresses in the closet and
only madrasses left in the beds.

In the end I prefer this “war game” to any other that involves guns or killing. Apparently the key to the war is “to have loads of stuff”.

…do i need to say that this hilarious game continued with the free but extremely fun folding game?


  1. […] We have enough stuff for the Peaceful war game […]

  2. […] We have enough stuff for the Peaceful war game […]

  3. […] The Peaceful War Game […]

  4. That is quite funny, Alex use to do that to his clothes on a regular basis about a year ago! (drove me mad) but your right, the best ‘war’ I have seen yet

    1. Oh no, this can turn into a regular hobby?! Nonono 😉

  5. hahahahahha! I love how it continued with the “free but extremely fun folding game”!

  6. It’s funny because z already does this for no reason, I will have to tell her to do it with a purpose 🙂

    1. Haha, I thought we had long passed the pull everything out phase but I guess they trained well and are still skilled when needed. Z is apparently also going to do well in warfare 😉

  7. They have a point! War is mostly about having stuff. I’m not sure how fun the folding game sounds though… 😀 .

    1. I was thinking about the irony of the truth in her definition too! Don’t you sometimes wonder where they get these things from (in our case it can hardly be tv)?

      One of the golden comments last week was, of course fully out of the blue; “I’m just like an emu, I have strong legs and I can run fast but I can’t fly”.

      1. It’s really uncanny what they come out with sometimes. I’m not sure if they even realise the wisdom of their words sometimes.

        The emu observation is a great one to come just out of the blue! Wonder what set that train of thought off?

  8. Lol I can totally imagine how you must have felt!

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