Stockmann Christmas Window Display

…is a must see for all kids in Helsinki at Christmas time, have been already when my mum was a kid. There was a bit of a crowd yesterday:


But it was worth going, our kids were thrilled, and had to be dragged away. Here a few glimpses (the motionless pics taken with a mobile really don’t do justice to the display..):





Edit: Canadian Travel Bugs has just published a post about Christmas decorations in China as a part of her series “Tourist in Your Own Town”. You may want to take a look at that too!


  1. […] Stockmann Christmas window displays, the annual tradition our 5 yo already asks for (check 2014 and 2013). The children were not disappointed: The best part were the small circles on the windows, by […]

  2. […] Stockmann window display is THE thing children in Helsinki has been brought to see every year at least since my mother was a child in the 50′s. This is what they had last year there. […]

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  4. […] remembered! It was Free But Fun who showed us the Stockmann Christmas windows in Helsinki and I promised to return the […]

  5. I’ll be in Helsinki next week, I love Stockmann windows.

    1. Cool, welcome! Make sure you pass by the windows, then! And the Christmas markets on Esplanadi and in the blocks close to the main church. Hope there will be snow too 🙂

  6. And here we have some amazing window displays from Anna from New York: Grand.

  7. Many thanks for nice comments.
    More Lego window pictures
    And merry xmass to all

    1. You must be the master mind behind the lego display? Thank you!

  8. Oh my goodness, that is quite a crowd. I am impressed that you stuck it out and were able to get pictures even! I probably would have run away (not much of a crowd person obviously). 🙂

    1. There was a lot of people, but it wasn’t too bad as nobody stays for that long by the windows. But my younger one was quite afraid in the crowd, my older one loves nothing more than people 😉

  9. I love the Stockmann window displays! They do such an amazing job. When we were in Helsinki their windows were one of our daily delights! ~Terri

    1. They are lovely, aren’t they? Such a joy that they still invest in the display!

  10. I like the lego theme 🙂 Can’t wait to see the display and soak up some Finnish Christmas! Really want some glögi too 🙂

    1. So you are coming over for Christmas? Hope we get some snow before that, so your stay “at home” will be the best ever. And yes, the glögi season definitively is on!

      1. Celebrating xmas here and coming over on the 26.12 – thankfully my dad has promised that we can have a second xmas dinner 🙂 Want Matthew to try Finnish xmas food! And skiing. Can’t wait 🙂

  11. That’s so awesome! I wish we had a place locally that did “window displays” – they always seem so magical to me!

    1. I do find them magical too! And I love that they still bother doing them. I’ve heard Copenhagen has amazing ones also but haven’t seen them at Christmas, so don’t know.

  12. Beautiful! What great lego creations! Blackberry #1 would love them 🙂 We are going to build a star wars one now.

    1. I know, pretty impressive! What a dream job to have: to build a Santa etc out of Lego!! My husband would volunteer, and take the kids with him 😀 How did your star wars lego turn out?

  13. Expat Mammy · · Reply

    They’re awesome

  14. Those are great windows! There are similar windows in Queen St Mall in Brisbane (not sure if they match up in terms of fanciness – we’ll have to look and compare!) but none in Singapore I know of. I remember making the trip into town as kids – it was always exciting! It definitely looks crowded in front of the ones in your picture – very popular, obviously.

    1. What a lovely memory! Are you going to check the Brissy windows this Christmas? Would be lovely if you’d link me up with nice pics!

      1. We are planning on it, although it won’t be til nearly Christmas (we’re in Tasmania first). It’d be great to link up!

        1. That sounds even better as a travel plan! I’ll look forward to pics and stories from Tasmania too, one of the places I really need to visit (especially after learning some of the history in Tiger men by J. Nunn).

  15. Are all those made with lego? How cool. Thanks for adding the “edit” and linking to my monthy series Tourist In Your Own Town. I love the holiday window displays. I hear in NYC they are fantastic and worth the trip. Who knew Helsinki also had great holiday displays too!

    Thanks for sharing Christmas where you live. 🙂

    1. No worries, you had an interesting post, am 100% behind the idea of exploring the neighborhood as well, and the coincident of the posts was funny!

      The first two pics were all lego (what a paradise it would be for kids AND hubby to be there building!), the last two were not.

      I’m pretty sure NYC will have something more grand on display, isn’t everything bigger there? 😉 I wouldn’t mind seeing it though, so if anyone has, please, link me up!

      1. Yes me too please! I have only seen the windows through Hollywood movies, so maybe it isn’t as grand as I imagine 😉
        I thought of this idea and wanted to explore more of this great city I live it and I thought I would love to learn about other people’e places too. If we cannot travel there now (but maybe some day) it would be nice to travel via the computer 😉
        Thanks again for your participation. Hope we will see you again next month.

        1. I started to live more like “explore your neighborhood” really when my nowadays husband from NZ moved in with me. We had been backpacking before, and loved popping into tiny villages too, without any known sights, but there was always something worth seeing. He wanted to do that in Finland too, and I found loads of new things.

          I’ll definitively try to participate, as long as I can also fit your theme to “free but fun” as well 🙂 I’ve found that short term visitors often find the places that cost most but listening to locals may bring quite different opportunities!

          In the meanwhile, I have been putting together a page about free but fun things in Helsinki for the once who are interested:

          1. We have become a culture of doing something costs money. I love the idea that things can still be worth doing and free. Thanks for the link and comments. I will check it out 🙂

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