Fun with 2 cms of Snow

Even a thin layer of snow offers a lot of fun:



Clearing the snow gets tricky with some fun loving passengers. We used to have a black cat too, who loved to hop on, catch a ride and then end up “emptied” in a pile of snow. Mr M-D was such a good companion! But now we have kids growing up, and a good thing with that is that now they can pull the toboggans too, pulling a snow shovel in them is so much fun. Don’t worry, we still get our fair share of free winter exercise by running and pulling the toboggans too.


  1. It doesn’t seem long ago we were seeing pictures of glorious northern summers on your blog and now look! How do people manage to put on weight in winter with all that pulling and pushing to do?

    1. …maybe the solution to the overweight problem is to see to it that all adults have toddlers and snow around? Lol.

  2. Beautiful! I think there was some snow one day in my hometown when I was young, but besides that I have never played in the snow. I hope someday to try it out (if only I could play in the snow and have it still be over 30 C). 🙂

    1. Alps in the spring would be your place, can be pretty warm in the sun. But a few degrees below freezing is easy to cope with with clothing!

      1. Thanks for the suggestion!

    2. We’re thinking about when to have a cold x-mass with our 2. Maybe next year if 3 is old enough to try skiing.

      1. My daughter did cross-country last winter with training skiis, she was 2,5 yrs. Wouldn’t go downhill skiing yet though but I know of 3 yo kids doing it too.

  3. My boys would LOVE 2cm of snow!! Looks like fun

    1. …time to fly up? 😉

      I suppose the novelty of new snow is great: My younger one actually wanted to take his snow shovel to bed…

      1. Ha,ha that is great re shovel! At the moment they are so excited to see the morning frost! I’m hoping it will snow in Turin when we are there for Christmas.

  4. Luckily no snow here, yet 🙂 That is such a cute photo where they are pulling the toboggans:)

    1. love the “yet” 😀 I actually don’t mind the snow now, it kind of is time for it in December. And as long as there isn’t too much of it (and for too long in the spring), I like snow.

  5. We have several inches of ice over here right now (which is highly unusual) and yesterday Mr. T and I took a walk and it was fun to see the kids out playing where they could. Of course, at well below freezing, they weren’t out for long!

    1. How long do you think the ice will stay there for? Sounds quite peculiar with several inches of ice in Texas!

      1. We will be below freezing until Sunday afternoon, and then we get up to 32 for a couple of hours. It won’t be near long enough to get it all melted! I bet it is Tuesday or Wednesday before the roads are better, I have a feeling that school will be cancelled on Monday 🙂

        1. Lol, schools cancelled because of ice?! Post some pictures, please!

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