Old Town Porvoo

The old town in Porvoo is in my opinion one of the most picturesque ones in Finland and only about 30 min drive away from Helsinki. I’ve blogged about the atmospheric wooden old towns in Finland before, and this stroll in the dark to see the  Christmas lights and displays (some “window displays” with out a window, like below)  was another enjoyable visit:image






  1. […] lunch break there. The old town was pretty but it seemed more ran down than the old towns in Rauma, Porvoo or […]

  2. […] lights and window displays, especially in Porvoo in […]

  3. […] the most known one would be to the lovely little old town of Porvoo only half an hour drive from […]

  4. My home town 🙂 There better be snow when I get there!

    1. Lyckans ost, du som kommer från vackra Borgå! 🙂 There has been on and off snow, so it looks promising!

  5. It looks so peaceful and festive!

    1. Maybe I should have mentioned that the shops were closed? 🙂 normally maybe not quite that peaceful!

      1. No, no I just liked the peaceful streets, I figured they were closed!

  6. (On my phone and not sure if my comment went thru, so if this is a duplicate just delete it!). That looks so cute! I love walking through areas like that and seeing a surprise around every corner!

    1. That was a perfect place to get surprised! They had a display challenge going on, so all the tiny little cute shops had done amazing work with their decorations. Loads of crafts and home decoration shops, and my all time favourite (already before kids): a shop that sells old styled toys. And cute cafés and restaurants. Oh, and a place we could go together to: a shop selling locally made chocolate (just to be clear, some ingrediences would not be from Finland…;) that even I can eat!

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