Expat Christmases


Want to know about Christmas celebrations in various countries? Thrifty Travel Mama has been doing a series with guest posts, and even though am not an expat, I go to join too! Take look here for more combinations and/or clashes of traditions!



  1. PS – a post of mine about a touching encounter in Finland https://medium.com/culture-for-the-footloose-carefree/dc899fb76ab8

    1. Thanks for the link. Don’t know what to say, that was realistic, sad and beautiful at the same time!

      1. I wanted to show the inner kindness one sees here. Her description was detailed to show the real inner beauty, but I suddenly realised how rare, because of the quality of dental care here.

        1. I think you really did capture surprisingly many aspects in a few sentences! And thanks for the compliment to my fellow citizens 😉

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