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Old Town Porvoo

The old town in Porvoo is in my opinion one of the most picturesque ones in Finland and only about 30 min drive away from Helsinki. I’ve blogged about the atmospheric wooden old towns in Finland before, and this stroll in the dark to see the  Christmas lights and displays (some “window displays” with out a […]

Santa Lucia

Arcada, the Swedish university of applied sciences in Helsinki, invited all former employees and associates to have glögg (mulled wine but tastier) and to enjoy a Lucia performance by students and Christmas carols by the staff choir. It was a beautiful performance and atmosphere. Lucia is in my opinion a lovely tradition among the swedish […]

Awards By Creative Dames

Blogging has lead me to “meet” some awesome people around the world. Some of these have nominated me for awards, and even though I am slow to accept them, I am taken by the nominations! You can read here why I initially started this blog, but since I’ve gotten “sucked into” the blogging world;  I’ve […]

Watercolours and Wallpaper

Tip of the day (by my creative mum): the backside of wallpaper is great to use for watercolours, and you can buy the last bits of the wallpaper rolls for a few coins from the shops. Much cheaper than the “real” paper for watercolours and gives great opportunities to do common paintings and big landscapes […]

Snow Maisy

There is more snow, more fun and creativity. But did you know snowmen are boring? Meet the new snow design of my 3 yo: snow Maisy (Mouse, in case you were not able to understand the modern interpretation)!  

Christmas Path in Uutela

We spent a lovely afternoon on the Christmas path in the Uutela outdoor area. There were a couple of options for paths in Helsinki but the choice was made by good friends already going to the one in the far east of Helsinki and us tagging along. Maybe next year we’ll try the medieval one […]

Christmas in Flower Pots

My mum pimped my winter flower pots to share the Christmas spirit too: she just added cute red hats on top of some spruce cones. Simple but effective, especially with the thin snow layer!

Fun with 2 cms of Snow

Even a thin layer of snow offers a lot of fun: Clearing the snow gets tricky with some fun loving passengers. We used to have a black cat too, who loved to hop on, catch a ride and then end up “emptied” in a pile of snow. Mr M-D was such a good companion! But […]

Update on Salt Dough and Christmas Calendar

We made Christmas decorations just like Easycraftsforchildren suggested. My 2 and 3 yo kids had loads of fun mixing the dough, cutting shapes with biscuit cutters and painting the decorations. The 2 yo tried to eat the dough but the taste taught him quick enough not to eat it… the decorative part became more a repainting part but […]

Sock Memory Game

A fun and quick way to get the socks sorted with the assistance toddlers can offer. Who finds most pairs?


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