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Kunsthalle Helsinki

Kunsthalle Helsinki has decided to offer free entry to all exhibitions on the first Wednesday of the month 6-8pm again, starting on Feb 5th. You are welcome to write your review in the comments, if you visit it! If you want to visit another museum in Helsinki for free, you may want to take a […]

International Book Giving Day on Feb 14th, Valentine’s Day! Have you heard about it? No? Well, you can read more about it and ways to participate here. If you are interested in adding a bilingual twist on your participation, be sure to check Annika’s blog. I am not quite sure how I’ll participate yet, but as a huge book lover, […]

Beginning of Our Ice Skating Season

The start of our ice skating season was long overdue, but now even our 2yo was on the skates! We went to one of the free suburban iced fields because it’s ok to take toboggans on the ice and to walk with shoes on the ice there (both not allowed in the rinks were the […]

Now: Bird Spotting Event

BirdLife organises a bird spotting event in your own garden this weekend (25-26.1.2014). Everyone is welcome to join without signing up or paying an entrance fee. Last year more than 19 000 people in more than 12 400 gardens participated in the event! The idea is to spend one hour in the garden during the […]

Funny Toddlers

… are not exactly free, but often loads of fun. I don’t think there are too many days that pass by without me cracking up for something our little geniuses say or do. Here are a few examples, please give us all more laughter by sharing or linking to your best ones in the comments: […]


Olympics are fun ways to entertain kids (and adults…), and WordPress seemed to tell me to share the good news, as Meg had a great post about winter Olympics for toddlers almost at the same time as No time for flash cards came out with a number of nice crafts ideas related to Olympics. I’ve had […]

Sensory Games

Chicken pox, round 2, and a need to keep the healthy child from climbing the walls and a wish to give some nice associations through the body as an antidote to all the nasty itchy spots: A trail with different surfaces to walk on barefoot: sheep skin, bread crumbs, exercise mat, bean bag, raisins, towel, […]

Building with Corn

Originally posted on Free But Fun:
Not playing with food but using processed colourful fluffy potato, hold on, no, corn! (I’m sure I was told they are made of potato but when reading more about these online turns out the bits are made of corn. Biodegradable anyway). It was not quite free, not even cheap…

Ice Slides

Finally about a week ago the winter came with some snow and below zero temperatures. There is just enough snow to offer alternatives but not too much to be a hassle, and about -12 degrees has created proper ice too. Tobogganing is fun but our kids love their bum and tummy rides down the ice […]

Best Travel Partners

I used to love travelling alone. I liked the freedom to choose what to do when, to be able to change the plan, to have the time to stop, read and explore, and to meet random people and end up doing random things with them. Come to think of it, I’ve met some of the greatest […]


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