Which Way: My Favourite Spot in Tampere

I’m not very familiar with Tampere but my favourite part downtown is the Verkatehdas area. They used to manufacture fabrics in these old red brick buildings (or so the name suggests). Now they have lovely narrow walkways and small shops selling handicrafts and design.




Edit: As Lady of the Cakes pointed out in the comments, these pictures match perfectly Cee’s Which Way photo challenge. There are some pretty cool pictures from all over the world to be seen, so you may want to take a look! As for Lady of the Cakes, her tempting posts don’t do wonders to my attempts to a healthy life style but I enjoy her angles on life and especially languages.


  1. […] hours driving without a good excuse. But if 2 hours is ok, then driving 2 hours to the north to Tampere (here for families) or two ours two the west to Turku would be good options too. Kotka is about […]

  2. I always love all the pictures you share on the blog! I think the Scandinavian countries are so beautiful!

  3. They do fit perfectly. Thanks ever so much for participating. I hope to see you again!!

    1. I certainly will at the very least check the other posts out from time to time, and I’ll keep you in mind when new I’ll run into new Which way’s!

  4. Oh, that looks like a lovely place to go shopping!

    1. Prices may not be that lovely for the wallet though 😉 much of it hand made and good quality though, so for the right purpose. But I love looking at crafts and getting inspired!

  5. Ah, you see, that would have made the perfect entry for Cee’s Which Way challenge!

    1. You are right! Thanks for the tip, I’ll get back to it!

      1. Well, if you’re into photo blogs, there’s some nice people on that one 😉

  6. Wow it looks lovely there. Thank you for posting 🙂

    1. Let’s hope a friend who lives there will get around to do a guest post with more beauty and entertainment in Tampere!

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