Massage and Hairdressing

In the solitary confinement of chicken pox combined with a tired mum with a bad cold (or just after a looong day at work) massage and hairdressing are the kind of games I’m voting for: both mean I get to lie down while playing.

It actually feels quite nice when the kids are filling my hair with clips while I lie on the sofa. And when they give me a massage they poke and tap away, sometimes more tickling than anything else, but it is quite relaxing. When they walk on my back it actually has the effect of a massage. And then I get to massage them, no brain required but spending time close together, so perfect for the tired moments.

Why did I actually stop giving them massages? I used to when they were babies, and they like it.


  1. […] Hairdressing and massage, my all time favourite “Mum is tired”-games have gotten an alternative: the nail studio. […]

  2. […] like repeating my favourite mum-is-tired-after-work games too, hairdressing and massage. Pretty funny to hear “Mum is faster at making braids because she has had several hundred […]

  3. Oh me too! I stopped giving my kids massage when they began to be so fidgety. However, sometime later when they grow up, I resume massage from time to time when I put on body lotion for them. I hope you are getting on well. Are you the one having chicken pox? You’ll need lots of rest.

    1. No, I just had a bad cold, the boy was the one with the chicken pox. And the girl had to stay home as well as she could have given the chicken pox to other kids too. She was sooo missing her friends and action!

      1. Chicken pox is terrible! I hope both your kids are fine now!

  4. I used to too! They loved their baby massages, I can’t remember why I stopped either… I suppose a busy life got in the way. Its never too late to start again, right? But I suppose we need to learn the next step after “baby” massage!

  5. I love this! You are inspiring me with your positive attitude!
    Also I love when z brushes my hair, she likes it too, so for now I am taking advantage of that. 🙂 hope your littles get better soon!

    1. Kids are pretty inspiring company (mostly)! 🙂 It is quite nice when kids brush your hair, huh?!

  6. Definitely good games. I can’t quite seem to get either of them going (not for more than a couple of minutes) except for the bit where they get to walk on my back (for some reason walking all over me is popular??)

    I’ve also tried to play doctors and nurses where I get to be the patient. Preferably the comatose patient. For some reason none of these are as popular as a more rambunctious game of dragon taming or some such 🙂 .

    1. Another one that I really enjoyed was when my girl wanted us to play a song game about the sleeping bear. Really it goes like this: one is the bear sleeping in the middle, the others walk around the bear singing a song and at the end the bear wakes up and chases the walkers and the one caught will be the bear in the next round. Well, my daughter told me to be the bear but I wasn’t allowed to wake up as bears sleep in the winter. So they went on and on singing around me as I slept. Perfect game 🙂

      But yes, it does not always work so well, I think only when kids are a little but not too tired too? Or when they’ve given up hope on mum doing something more energetic with them? Or then kids are just different.

      1. Oh, I like that version of the bear game! 🙂

        I think kids are just different. I have a contrast between my two and I know which is the more relaxing to hang out with! Then again, having all that energy is probably good in the long term.

  7. LOL, those are great games! When Mr. T was born, we lived with my parents, and my mom had her friend come over every other week to give her a massage (the friend is certified and lives in the neighborhood). Mr. T loved when the friend came over and would climb up into her arms… until the day he realized that she was giving him a massage – and it made him tired! Once he figured that out, he refused to be held by her anymore!

    1. Poor mr T, so fooled! LOL.

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