Sensory Games

Chicken pox, round 2, and a need to keep the healthy child from climbing the walls and a wish to give some nice associations through the body as an antidote to all the nasty itchy spots:

A trail with different surfaces to walk on barefoot: sheep skin, bread crumbs, exercise mat, bean bag, raisins, towel, plastic bags etc. Unfortunately the little patient got a bit too tired to concentrate but I think it is an idea I want to try again when she is better. If my children were older, I would also try blind folded them when guessing what they walk on.

We continued to use our senses then by smelling spices – our 3 yo is extremely interested in cooking now, and actually is a huge help in the kitchen. This the patient could do lying on the sofa, and she found it quite entertaining. This game reminds me of the sniffing game we used play in shops but have forgotten about lately.

If you want to read about yet another fun game we did using our senses, you may take a look at this post.


  1. Oh my, oh my!! Well, on the plus side, she’s getting it out of the way young. However, BACK TO BACK… you have my full empathy. I much prefer when they get sick at the same time, but Murphy’s law; that rarely happens. Good luck. I hope she gets better soon and son doesn’t go too stir crazy.

    1. Thanks, she’s getting better now, which is nice. Unlike her brother, she got quite sick. Btw, What is it with Murphy’s law and kids? Murphy’s law ALWAYS seems to come into play?!
      And when on the theme of Murphy’s Law, how did you and your kids go with jet lag on your last trip (something that never seems to go in sync in our family…)?

      1. Ah yes, Murphy’s law, really has a habit of throwing a spanner in the works! Glad to hear she’s on the mend. Hopefully you’ll be out and about again by the weekend.

        The kids had really bad lag in Ireland, not so bad when we got back to Japan, still it lasted 3 days even back here. Thankfully they’re well settled again.

        1. Jet lag is the last thing you’d want after travelling a fair distance!

  2. I have never really go into sensory games, but I should consider that now. I think it would be fun for my kids. I hope your girl is better now. Chicken pox is really nasty.

    1. She’s getting there… I’m quite impressed by the way kids use all their senses to explore the world, where as I think us adults rely much more on our eyesight (or is it just me?).

  3. Oh no, chicken pox round two! Good idea about using sensory play to distract from the nasty itches. Hope it’s not too itchy for too long!

    1. She’s been good, doesn’t seem to be too itchy, but OMG she is full of the spots and few days with high fever – Little brother had it easy! But as she wanted to go out and jump in a pile of snow today, I think we’ve pass the worst phase.

      1. Sounds like it! (Although the snow must be soothing, too. 🙂 ).

  4. I can’t believe you are still in quarantine! You poor thing. Sounds like you are making the best of it though. What a creative thing to do. I bet I could just stop sweeping the floor and use the excuse of this game… What are we walking on… Last weeks dinner… Why yes! Haha

    1. Haha, good idea! Actually we are not in still in the quarantine but again. It’s the other one who is sick. We had a week time to go back to daycare to make sure everybody gets it… :/ but hey, better now than when they are older!

  5. Oh, I want to walk on raisins!

    1. Good news: there is no age discrimination, so you are allowed to 😉

  6. That is a great idea, I’ll walk my nephew over some things when I go home…he should be walking by then. Sorry to hear about more chickenpox!

    1. He’ll have fun!

  7. How interesting for a child to discover different textures to walk upon! I think I will surely remember this game for my friend’s child! 🙂

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